You are always supported

In the world but not of it.

No one here is truly of the world. The life of the beings here did not begin with a physical birth into a particular incarnation. Each earth identity began with a being’s choice to enter the playing field of fear for learning, and, ultimately, for transformation.

We were alive before we entered fear’s playing field, and we’ll still be alive when we set a body and an identity down. Psssst…we can’t die. Life is eternal.

A lot of our habitual reactivity here on Earth depends upon fear of death. What if you learned to look upon physical death in an entirely different way? What if you knew you had the perfect appointment with physical death in the perfect time, in the perfect way, and you would release out of your current identity exactly on time because that’s always been the way it’s set up?

Use the power of assumption to try this on. Assume that you will set the body down right on time, and until then, you will allow joy to flow through it into the world. If you discover anything at all impeding the flow of all that is good through the body and out into the world, you will release the blockage.

You’re not here to maintain or save a physical life. A physical life can last a second or hundreds of years. Do you really care how long this current one lasts? Why?

Attachments. There you go. Those are the blockages to release. Where are you attached to people, and where do you love them? Where are you ready to release them to the flow, and where do you believe you must hold together a separate identity to care for them because otherwise they are not supported at all?

If you believe that they are not truly supported by every moment of their experience here, by every challenge, every moment of joy, then what do you truly believe about yourself?

Where are you not trusting in the eternal support that is your true identity?

You will feel it. In any moment of insecurity. In any moment of irritability. In any moment when there is a lack of peace. If you decide what it is out there that is to blame or what it is about yourself that you must get to work and change, you miss the opportunity to release the blockage that would allow true change–not just pretending on the surface.

When you see your attachments and you remember your willingness to release everything that blocks clarity, you’re releasing everyone to a much better support than an ego could ever give them. You will stop interfering in the ways the universe comes to your loved ones to challenge them and help them along. As you relax and trust, they will, too.

As you remember your willingness to release all blockages to the free flow of love, many things start to fall apart. Conformity. People pleasing. Any way in which you have held yourself captive to an image of a world in order to avoid rejection, isolation, pain–it all falls apart. The structure of pain, isolation and separate-self living falls apart because you are willing to feel the pain you set aside in the past, the intense feelings of isolation and loneliness that you didn’t know how to handle, all the tension that comes of misidentifying as separate. When you’re willing to feel it all, it has a pathway out.

When you remember your willingness to allow the dysfunction to leave, your nonphysical team is able to assist with the process. Give them something to do! They would love the opportunity to help. Until your awareness of their presence is constant, this is where mantras help throughout the day. Simply find any short statement that speaks the truth to you–one that you may forget in times of distraction–and repeat this statement to yourself whenever you feel the temptation to identify with tension or stress.

Here’s one: I am always supported.

You are always supported, and not by anything in your world. You are supported by that which is beyond your world and comes into it because you allow it. It is your very own Self, the one you share with all others–with the beings you meet and think about every day, with the beings on your nonphysical support team–and it can never leave you.

Photo by Ahmed Saffu on Unsplash

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