Penetrating the dissonance

When you feel dissonance resonating between you and another, you are seeing your idea of your false self. You are also seeing the false self you are projecting as that other person. Whenever you are not seeing yourself, simply, as who you are in union with that other–always very simply–you will feel that dissonance.

The ability to feel that dissonance is a gift because it is the opportunity to see through it and to allow it to dissolve beyond all ideas of separation.

When you feel that dissonance, the false self you are projecting is actually resonating with the false self you’re projecting out as the other guy. They have a lot in common. They’re constructed entirely of lies. When you invite yourself to see through this every day, in every encounter in thought or in person, your vision becomes clear.

There cannot be a conflict without a projection of false selves. It’s impossible. Experiment and try it out for yourself. You are the light, and you are that which penetrates.

Photo by Martin Jernberg on Unsplash

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