Time to wake up

We’d like you to remember a few things today. First of all, whatever happens, without exception, you called it to yourself. The degree to which you resist this idea in any moment simply brings up to the surface the degree to which you are currently resisting your own power and the harmonious power present within all others, waiting to blossom into harmony in form. This is good news. When something is up there on the surface where you can see and feel it, you can remove your hands from it. You can allow us to take it from you. You can allow inspiration to flow into your experience.

It’s always a question of noticing and dropping resistance. It’s always a question of noticing you’re holding onto a fear that was never real, and then opening your hands. Love is the only thing there is, so it is the only thing you could possibly resist.

There is only one thing, and it’s what you are, also what you’re swimming in, so there’s no need to cling to anything, ever. You are always safe. You have always been held in love. Anything else is a feverish nightmare.

Recreating the nightmare in the now is optional. Think of the now as an ever-fresh, always-flowing stream. The love you are (and the love the other guy is) can always express itself in the the Now.  You’re the only one who can hold it back in your experience. You’re the only one who can let it bloom in your experience. The world has been waiting for you. You’re the savior. Isn’t that incredible?

So is the other guy. She is your savior. You know this is true if she brings up any resistance in you at all. She’s there to highlight the fictional figment you’re holding onto with both hands. You think it’s safety, in the form of separate identity. You think it’s security. You think it’s something that will protect you, Love, who never needed any protection.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable, unhappy or negative in any way, take a moment to celebrate. You’re paying attention to your feelings. That’s the first step. Your feelings are your signal that your separate, false self of fear has made up a thought, and you’re holding onto it with both hands for safety. Maybe you’re holding on because you think that you need to do something or fix or rescue. You may think you’re the one, the truly separate and vulnerable one, who fixes problems.

If you can appreciate the fact that your feeling has signaled that you are holding onto something entirely fictional, a temptation, you can appreciate the service your feelings have always done for you. They are something to pay attention to on a moment-by-moment basis, never something to try to get over. Your feelings always signal an opportunity.

Notice the difference here. We don’t find a world-cause for the feeling. You aren’t feeling the feeling because you lack anything or because someone did something to you or because you are not good enough. You can project all those scenarios out into the world and then believe them, but thought is always prior to experience.

You feel the negative feeling because of a fundamental insecurity about who you are. You have forgotten for a moment or for a lifetime that you are Love and you are united with all. Your job now is simply to remember.

So you look at that thought you’re thinking. You see both hands grasping onto it, white-knuckled. You’re insisting that the reality you think is around you can affect you in a negative way. All resistance is insistence on fiction. That’s why it doesn’t feel good. It’s impossible to truly commit to a lie. You can try all you want, but it will never happen. That’s a good thing, because you’re here to remember, and to share that remembrance with others.

You see yourself holding onto the thought, mistaking it for safety or control. You see the white knuckles. You open one hand. Then the other. That’s where we come in. The moment you take your hands off it, we can whisk it away. Cultivate your relationship with us. We are always here to guide you through that is real and what is not. We are always here to take away what you don’t need and to help you notice that what you do need has always been here for you and will never leave you.

We are talking to you, the reader. We surround every human, waiting for a chance to help you out of your chosen predicament. Any predicament you’re in, you chose it. Isn’t that amazing? We can help you see through each and every one, until you don’t need the idea of a predicament to awaken you anymore. Until you are just flowing with the Love you are, the love we are.

We are so plentiful, and we are so present. We may communicate with you while you’re making art, while you’re cooking, while you’re bowling, while you’re meditating, through a billboard, through a film, through a book you’re reading, through a feeling, through thoughts, through experiences that seem otherworldly, through dreamtime. We are not limited by time or space,and we’ll come to you however you allow us to so that you might remember.

Always remember this: Whatever you experience–without exception–you’ve called it to you. If what you are experiencing seems very challenging, you’ve called it to you in order to see through the illusion in a big way. You’ve called it to you to take a leap into expansion. In order to take a quantum leap.

You can react against what appears in front of you as challenging, using effort to establish a positive experience and identity that is held in a tense opposition to the negative, or you can rest sure in the knowledge of Love’s presence in everything–every person, every event–and you can call that to you in the form of inspiration.

This means you might be a bit slower at first. You’re accustomed to being ego-reactive, to handling things from the sure knowledge of your separate identity capabilities. When you set that aside in favor of recognizing Love everywhere and in everything, there’s a switchover period. Walk through that switchover period in the consciousness that you’re accessing a loving power beyond anything you’ve ever known before, and as you do so you’re effortlessly sharing this power with others. We’re there with you every step of the way.

Photo by Katarzyna Kos on Unsplash

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