Love is your tailor

Every situation, without exception, is custom-designed so you have the opportunity to recognize the presence of love, to come to know yourself as love, and to transform into a conduit for love in every situation.

This means that everyone is chosen, without exception. Everyone is on a trajectory toward awakening to love, as love.

If your experiences are disturbing, they are there to awaken you to your deep desire to know yourself and others as they truly are. Your experiences always serve you. They are always custom-made, tailor-made for you by Love.

If you know yourself as Joy, you will feel a consistent peace and joy that cannot be disturbed.

But let’s be honest here. We still get disturbed. I get disturbed. I want to be honest about this.

You, in love, as love, give yourself the experience of being disturbed in order to return to the consistent awareness of the love you have always been. It is a wake-up call, always.

What you truly are cannot be disturbed. When you begin to see this, you can see all disturbance as the false coming into view so it can be ushered out in companionship with us–all of your nonphysical friends who always stand ready to assist.

The  layers go deeper and deeper and deeper until there is nothing left to release. As you go deeper, your physical reality shifts to reflect this change.

As you move through your day, if there’s anything that seems like opposing forces–something that would drag you down, stand in your way, make things hard, impede a flow, know that the only thing that could ever do that is a decision on your part to choose an identity made of fear and limitation.

As you see this and release, see this and release, never blaming something outside of you, the struggles stop. The obstacles disappear like the illusions they were. The sense of flow is strong and present.

Experiment. Appreciate. Enjoy. Know that it is all there for you, in love, in recognition of the love you always have been.

Photo by Karly Santiago on Unsplash

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