Accept the appearance to access the response

When you are able to sit in stillness, even for a moment, and accept and embrace all exactly as it appears in this moment, that’s the energy that ushers in transformation. When you feel the energy of struggle arising, there are two paths you can take.

One option is to subscribe to the notion of personal victimhood or inadequacy, and then flee from that notion in reactivity, striving to reach a goal you think would bring the peace you already are. The other is to hear the thought of struggle in and as love. As you do this, you are able to observe reactivity as the layer on top of flow and inspiration. Reactivity is a phantom, and chasing after it is optional.

It is impossible to struggle or to feel weighed down by effort if you have not judged, believed your judgment, and reacted. When you react, you allow your actions to be dictated by a past that never felt right. When you respond, you allow all you truly are to infuse the moment. The ability to allow all that you truly are to infuse each moment is based upon your loving acceptance of how the present moment appears.

This is the basis of healing. When you are able to accept and embrace the appearance of the present moment, you know that the reality of the present moment is something very vast, very deep, very stable and loving. This is the source of the peace that passeth all understanding.

When you become aware of yourself in reactivity and struggle, this is a very good moment. Because you see your struggle as chosen and not caused by some force beyond and outside yourself, you are able to choose again. The moment of seeing and feeling reactivity is also the moment of its release. As you see this pattern within you being expressed in outward ways, it is the perfect moment to invite the healing you fully deserve. Thinking you deserve anything less than full and complete healing keeps you mired in the lie that what you are is not good enough.

When you believe that what you are is not good enough, you struggle to achieve conditions that will reflect this sense of being good enough back to you. You try to make a little self-made world of safety and security, enlisting other egos to support it, when where you are and what you are is always safe and secure. It’s always a matter of seeing through appearances and allowing the energy of transformation to come in and work through you.

When the energy of transformation and love work through you, it can look like calm or busyness, rest or vigor. The only way to know which energy you have invited to power your experience is by observing and acknowledging how it feels. As you go deeper into this, you become intolerant in a very good way. As you allow yourself to observe reactivity at deeper and finer levels, you are allowing yourself to release it.

As you release those deeper levels, you can’t go “home” again, in the sense of where you once perceived your home to be–in struggle and personal achievement. You may very well participate in actions that make it look as though you have personally achieved something, but it will not be based in a chase after a feeling of good-enoughness. It will be based in the knowledge of universal good-enoughness, and it will invite others into remembrance of that same knowledge.

The reason you become unable to return as fully and deeply to your once-favored home of reactivity is that it simply feels too awful. It becomes as obvious as not smashing your hand with a sledgehammer. It is not a struggle not to do that, because it is too obvious that it is nothing you want, nothing that will serve you or others.

Today, pay attention to how everything feels. When you don’t feel good, notice the temptation of interpretations that arise. They will always be judgments about deficiencies in others, deficiencies in the self, or the impossibility of limiting circumstances in which you find yourself. Into this space, allow the remembrance of the obvious to return. You are always surrounded by love, and you are love itself, so it is safe for you to give reactivity a pass, to see what comes into your present when you release the patterns of the past.

Allow today to be a day of renewal, and share that renewal with the world through any way in which you embody acceptance, love and happiness.

Photo by Anvesh Uppunuthula on Unsplash

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