Imagination is your employee

You cannot imagine that which you have not experienced, for imagination is the picturing in the conscious mind.
The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation


Imagination is your employee. The thoughts occurring to you are a reflection of the assignment you have given to imagination. Have you placed it in the service of love or fear? If you have placed it in the service of fear, it is not wrong. It is simply confusion. The confusion is clearing now.

When you notice that you are employing imagination in the service of fear, take a moment to remember. Fear is an illusion. It is not real, because love is the only thing that is real. Fear is a chosen experience, and you are never judged or punished for your choice. When you choose the experience of fear, you intentionally blot out your awareness of who you are. This means that you are unable to see who all others are, too.

Yes, we tell you this again and again. You remember it again and again. We can see how distracting this freely chosen Earth experience is, how easy it is to fall into judgment and fear, as they are deeply ingrained habits that you, in your belief in separate identity, attached to for a substitute safety and security. The habits are unwinding, and we will continue to remind you of the truth of who you are as the old habits dissolve. Even this sense of progress is false–can you feel it? You already are all that you are, and nothing can change that. It’s just that in a timeline remembrance begins to occur at point A and becomes complete at point B. We can certainly use the timeline, false though it may be, in the service of healing.

That is the wonderful thing about you–the love that you are. Love can use everything that has been made to obscure it for a purpose of bringing awareness back to it. Nothing is more powerful than love. We only have to allow it.

When you employ imagination in the service of who you truly are, you become willing to see anything that might oppose that shared identity in love as held within love and actually powered by it. When extensions of All That Is decided to play and see if wills could appear to conflict, that ability to play and experiment and experience was always powered by love.

This means that the most terrible thing in the world was an experiment and a form of play? Yes. All experience is a play of energies. When you come to know yourself as that which powers all experience in all forms, you are able to forgive everything that has come into form. When you’re able to forgive everything, what next? This is the time of transformation, when clear seeing brings reflections of truth into form, more and more, until those representations of truth predominate.

We are always reminding you when to celebrate, and we will do it again. That moment that you notice that you, a powerful being, are employing imagination in the service of fear–that is always a moment for celebration. It is an awakening. Many such moments like this benefit all. That awareness you return to–you radiate it. You can’t help but share it. Just in the noticing. Just in that one thing that appears to be very small, you have a great effect.

Fear is a neutral energy. Yes, it appears to do great damage, but remember that you chose the energy for the experience of it. When you take responsibility for your choice, this is another great and shared moment. We really mean this. You could be in a room by yourself, doing this work and never seeing anyone, and you still share the benefit of this realization. Think of the yogis in their caves.

Fear is not bad. Fear is not damaging. Fear is not a demon. We say this because every experience you invite through your choice for the energy of fear is illusory. It seems very real, but that doesn’t make it real. Your great power returns to you and others through the ability to see that fear is neutral. Think of yourself chasing after your tail by fearing fear. No need. It’s neutral. Just choose again until there is no more choice.

You are the power that employs imagination, and imagination brings particular forms into experience. You can certainly use the power of imagination to bring specific forms into experience, but there is something bigger than this that you actually want. You want peace for all, because that is the only desire there is. All other desires point to that one.

When you place your imagination in the service of peace for all, again and again, as often as you need to, you gain clarity about the separate will you have chosen–the will that is powered by the one shared and divine will. As you gain clarity, you share clarity. Remember, the sharing is automatic and immediate.

You are the power that employs imagination, which precedes all form. In this moment, you are not fooling yourself about that. Take a moment or two to sit in this awareness. The imagining precedes form, every time. That is how the experience factory works. First imagination, then the physical.

You are the conduit that allows peace into form, and we are so happy to work with you in the service of the healing of perception.

Photo by Inge Maria on Unsplash

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