Dare to look within first

We come not as those that are apart from you, but as those who walk with you on the way that you have chosen.
The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

You are never alone. You are always surrounded by loving beings, even if you don’t see us. Remembering our ever-presence reminds you to awaken from your absorption in the physical and to remember that what you are is prior to the physical experience. When you remember this, you allow the energies to flow that transform the physical experience.

As you learn to work with energy, the extent to which we can be helpful to you increases dramatically. When you’re working with energy, we are working with you in harmony. If you are absorbed in the physical and forgetting the energetic level, we stand aside until you are ready to connect and receive. You can be connected and receiving throughout the day. Open yourself up to the possibility of that. Invite yourself to remember this potential often.

We can always share the energy that helps you to see clearly, no matter what the situation. You just have to be willing to accept it. Many times, the reason you are unwilling to accept the energy that helps you see clearly, with love, is that you are more devoted to the sense of conflicted and separate will. This is falling away, however. When you can catch yourself valuing conflicted will over the flow that is always there for you, it is a moment for celebration. Seeing yourself valuing suffering over peace is the key to dropping that tendency. Over time, it doesn’t make sense to do it anymore.

As you allow the energy we offer, your good-feeling thoughts reflect divine will. In other words, your desires reflect the transformations that are coming. Think of peaceful desire, or the general feeling of attraction and flow, vs. disturbed desire, or the idea that you must have a change to fix what is wrong. Feel into the energy of that, and notice when peaceful desire is an indicator of the transformation we are ushering in. When disturbed desire arises, it is simply an opportunity to clear the lens, and we can help you with that. When you are willing to value the energetic, rather than trying to find causes for the physical in the physical, we can be of greatest service to you, and therefore to all.

Transformation is not forced. It flows because it is allowed. “Free” (conflicted and separate) will provides you a means for blocking transformation. All the tension you feel in any situation is a result of that active blockage of the energy of transformation. The energy of transformation does not change things because they are wrong. Rather, it allows you to see the physical as a direct reflection of reality. Reality is love, harmony and peace. Anything other than that–what is chosen with separate and conflicted will–is held in place through tension and effort.  We will never stop you from choosing conflicted will, but you can always make the choice to set it down and to allow what truly is–divine will–to become apparent.

When you’re willing to release the old–what does not serve you or anyone else–and allow new energies, you’re simply willing to allow a physical representation of what truly is–harmony–to come into your experience. The energies feel new, but harmony has always been your true state. It’s just that your choice for conflicted will kept your perception clouded. Think of your song, “Amazing Grace”:

I once was lost, but now I’m found.
Was blind, but now I see.

It’s all about your willingness to see truly.

As you’re willing to see your divine siblings truly, you will see that no one else’s perspective is wrong. Judgment is optional, and when you are judging, you are shifting your own discomfort–your refusal to see the peace that underlies everything–and seeing it outside of yourself. If your companion along this road to awakening comes to you with a disturbing perspective, dare to look to the disturbance within first. Dare to release that first. That is the gift your traveling companion has given you.

But what about when someone else’s perspective seems wrong? Shouldn’t you do something about that? The greatest service you can do for someone is to give them ease, and ease is what you share when you see love everywhere. If you find them wrong or seek to defend your powerful brothers and sisters who might seem to be victimized, you reinforce the sense of separate identity.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t take loving and supportive action. This doesn’t mean that we don’t help and assist when we have the opportunity to do so. But our loving and assisting others never depends on our condemnation of others. It never depends on shaming anyone. It never depends on coercing another into a sense of guilt and self-blame.

By seeing the wholeness in our brothers and sisters, we encourage it to surface, so insane perspectives based on separation can fall away. When we dare to see the peace underneath everything, we can still be helpful to others as we are moved, but the insane perspectives leading to victim scenarios and repetitive enactments of disempowerment are not fed by the resistance they need to grow.

Every fellow human voicing an insane perspective is projecting out a relative truth from the platform of a separate and conflicted identity. Forgive them, for they know not what they do. You know what it is like to be caught up in the illusion of conflicted identity. Your divine siblings are worthy of compassion. They are worthy of being seen as they truly are, not as they appear to be. When they are enmeshed in the nightmare of how the world appears to them through a haze of judgment, we can forgive them.

When you are able to forgive them, you are able to forgive yourself for your own distorted perspectives. We allow you to have the experience of your choice for conflicted will until you decide to flow with your true will, harmonic will. When you allow your divine siblings to choose for conflicted will, you are ready to choose harmonic will for yourself. Their return to unified yet apparently differentiated will is inevitable, and it can happen sooner when those around them see separate will for the illusion it is.

We say that we allow you to choose for conflicted will, but in reality there is no way other than allowing. All else is illusion. When you drop illusion first before judging or condemning, you are giving the world the best of yourself.

When you’re certain that one of your fellow human beings needs correction, it’s because the camera is close to the action. That’s all you can see. As you pan the camera back, you see the opportunity to accept corrected perception for yourself, and that’s why your divine sibling came into your life in a disturbing way. They come to show you that your perception is in need of correction. They come to show you that you are not at peace, but peace is available to you now. Once you have accepted corrected perception, you are able to respond from love.

We always respond lovingly to you, which means that we are not capable of condemning you or scaring you into some false version of rightdoing that is the friend and companion of an  equally false wrongdoing. Because we love you, we will wait until you are ready to set illusions aside, until you are ready to hear not a relative truth, but the only truth there is.

Resting in the truth of you, we are always ready to be of service to you.

Photo by Erol Ahmed on Unsplash

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