Divine will is the river in which you swim

We come as those who have sent forth the call to awaken, to heal, to arise, and to welcome Love into every dark corner where once the ego had sought authority.
The Way of Mastery, Part Two: The Way of Transformation, Shanti Christo Foundation

You are the one who powers the ego. Supplying the ego with power is optional. You will see this, more and more, and then you’ll withdraw your power from it. You see this because you are willing to feel. Powering the ego hurts, even though it also supplies you with illusions of satisfaction, superiority and relative happiness. Because you are coming to value what you feel, you recognize these invitations to set ego down and to experience directly what has been powering it the whole time.

When you withdraw your power from ego, you bear the torch. You bear the torch because you can see that light illuminating others from within, too. You hold that torch so others can see what is within them. This light, this ability to see truly, is what shines away the illusion.

What happens, exactly, when your torch lights another? You see them truly. You see the truth of the other so powerfully that they can feel it, too. What is false–anything with an opposite, anything that indicates a state other than full power and acceptance–is not able to thrive and grow when that light is shining. Because you see your divine sibling as equal, powerful, and surrounded by the energetic abundance that brings harmony to your world, you are able to flow together. When that light shines from within you and out to all others, the past is irrelevant. This Now moment shows you everything you need to know, and inspiration guides you in harmony.

You know the flow of harmony by how it feels. You know that this flow is always present under any surface disturbance, so the disturbances are your reminders to return to the flow. You are not fighting against the current anymore. When you forget, you can feel the tremendous effort of it, so you turn around. Fighting against the current is the separate and conflicted will you chose. Every time you turn around, you choose again.

Divine will is that very powerful flow that will carry everyone lovingly. When you begin to flow with the current, others feel inspired to stop and watch you for a while. They begin to understand that it’s very safe to float with this immense force, and that it leads to their greatest happiness. As you flow in harmony with us in divine will, your being radiates the call to awaken and eases your brothers and sisters on their way. You help them find the confidence to let go of the struggle.

As you’re flowing with the current of the love you are, you can bring healing into every situation. Each moment when you recognize you are struggling energetically against the current because of the thoughts you are entertaining, you’re doing a service for others. You’re helping others because all mind are in contact all the time. When you stop, remember there is a powerful and safe force with which to flow, and allow yourself to be carried by the loving current, you help make others aware of the opportunity to let go, too. This is what healing is about. It’s just helping people see what they already have access to. It’s never about changing anything real. It’s always about dropping the false and seeing the reality that has been there all along.

Photo by Sorasak on Unsplash


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