Intense energies mean big expansion

We invite you to see Life everywhere today. What would obscure your view of life, your ability to feel its vibrant thrum, your access to the constant knowing that all is well? When you  find something–anything at all that would obscure life itself from vibrating in joy with you every moment, know that it is within your power to release, no matter how it looks. If it looks as if it is outside of you, it is within your power to release it. If it looks as if it is an imbalance or lack inside of you, it is within your power to release it. You are that powerful, that good, and that beautiful, always.

You are here in order to find happiness. Quite simply, you are happy when you are fulfilling your function. Your function is to see through every bit of the illusion here, leaving nothing untouched by your love.

Feeling is key on your journey to happiness, for how can you truly feel and enjoy happiness when you are unwilling to feel anything else? The ability to feel takes you where you need to go as you learn, release, and go deeper. Your feelings will never steer you wrong, because they always tell you when you are out of balance, and it is always within your power to ask for the perception correction that brings balance back.

When you are willing to feel, you don’t substitute ideas, orthodoxies, opinions and judgments for how you feel. You simply feel, see through any illusions that seem to block your way, and allow yourself to come back into balance. When you stop projecting your feelings of disturbance outward, the world around you settles down. Feeling is your wise guide. As you are accepting perception correction, which is the same thing as healing, each time you feel disturbed, all minds around you receive the benefit of this correction.

The happiness you wish to experience comes from what is and what always has been. What is already extends the good, the holy and the beautiful without end. You simply return to the awareness of that. In other words, you don’t have to become good enough to extend the good, the holy, and the beautiful. You just wake up to the fact that what you truly are always does this, and then your character in this drama begins to reflect that. The experiences you have as this character begin to reflect that.

When you abide in the awareness that all is well, and anything that seems to indicate otherwise is a sign of your choice for illusion and separate will,  nothing phenomenal–nothing that happens–has the power to disturb you. If you are disturbed, it is an opportunity to see though another aspect of the illusion you made in innocence. Think of these illusions as veils obscuring reality, and they’re going to fall down.

There is only one illusion, and that is that you are separate and vulnerable, but because you are experiencing this in time, it will seem to be veil after veil after veil falling down. You will seem to go deeper and deeper and deeper into this awareness until the sense of separate self has dissolved completely. When a veil is just about to come down, you may feel some anger, irritation, depression, and pain because what you formerly leaned on for stability is falling down now. Just before you let it go, you feel your fear of letting it go. And then you do. And then you do! Keep your awareness on this amazing process of yours, even when you feel disturbed. When you feel disturbed, you’re getting deeper and deeper, and the pain is what you’re in the process of releasing.

We stand with you in joy as you allow the veils of illusion to fall, and we are always surrounding you with love as you feel and find your willingness to release. We are always with you, and we are greatly enjoying the benefit of your expansion.

Photo by Lina Barrios on Unsplash

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