Simple refocusing

Who are you?

Sit with that question for a moment. Is there any sense of vulnerability in what you think you are? Can what you think you  are be damaged or harmed? Can what you are be swallowed by anything?

Feel into what you think you are. Is there any sense of threat there? Any instability? What do you feel? In every situation in which you find yourself, feel into it. What do you detect? Do you detect the tension of your own projection? Find how easy it is to return to yourself (and therefore to return to the place you share with all others) simply by relaxing back into that which you know you are, that which you know everyone else is. It’s a simple refocusing that benefits all.

Whatever arises that doesn’t feel good, it’s being observed in the light that dissolves it. It is the unrest that is being dissolved. Yes, circumstances and events change to reflect this inner work you have done, but who you truly are is never insistent on a particular set of conditions for its happiness. Who you are is the peace and love in which the experience of happiness is possible. When you’re able to bring this experience into any situation, circumstances and events usher you into the situations in which you’ll be most helpful. In other words, you’ll find yourself being shown the projections that are still active, the judgments that are still active, and you have the opportunity to simply release them. As you get the hang of this, it is a great joy to release them.

Every time you feel a sense of threat, you’re trying to hold love back so “you” (according to your incorrect perception of you) can handle things. Only you don’t want to handle things anymore, not really. You’d rather respond from sanity, so you’re reaching for that sure foundation more and more often. Eventually, you don’t have to reach. You just exist in the awareness that you are there, abiding in peace and love, where you need to be.

When you feel yourself trying to handle things, notice how you’re approaching “things”–separate elements–as if they were burdens or impositions or immovable obstacles. When you are approaching life with and as your separated self, it doesn’t feel good. It’s not supposed to. Congratulations–you’re in touch with your feelings! This is the pathway home. Once discovered, the pathway home is always shared.

You exist within the fabric of harmony, and you always have. So the pathway home is not a pathway at all, but it appears so in time. Gradually, more and more, you drop your tendency to project, and when you stop projecting, all the minds connected with yours (and that would be all minds across time and space) begin to forget why they would need to project at all. As they begin to forget, their maintenance of the illusion becomes a bit shoddy, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Its the way it was meant to be. Healing is inevitable.

As the illusion crumbles, you are there. You are here, where you’ve always been. You can share very easily with your brothers and sisters, mind-to-mind, that the crumbling of the illusion is perfectly safe. It’s only revealing what has always been here, and that could only be love.

Creation, when invited, can express itself in and through the physical, which you invented to experience the vulnerable sense of self. Into what you invented flows a beautiful reflection of the healed and shared Self . Since you are the power, and so is everyone else, you are always the one who decides what will flow into the illusion right now. Will it be the accurate energy of right-now, which is love, or will it be the fearful energy of the past? It’s very easy to tell the difference. Just feel into any moment.

So you are watching your television, and you are reacting. You are not reacting and pouring the energy of fear into the illusion, thereby maintaining it, because you’re victim to anything. You’re not doing it because anything is actually wrong (although you enact many intense and believable dramas about things being wrong). You’re doing it simply because it is your choice. Remembering to choose again is the work of the moment, and it’s such beautiful work you do, if you could see it from our perspective. What are you sharing with other minds? You always have the power to allow the energy of love to extend mind-to-mind.

Other beings are on the same journey with you, but keep your head in your own copybook. When you analyze another’s journey, judge it or compare with with what you perceive to be your own…well, you know how that feels. It is only the work of a moment to return to healing. Whenever you feel unease–without exception–it is your indicator that you are mistaking illusion for truth. Fortunately the mistake is simple–very, very simple–and it is easily corrected.

We are here with you every moment of your day as you reach to us for assistance in correction, and we marvel at the beauty of what you share with others. As you share, we delight in the expansion we experience, too.

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

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