What is prevails

Creation always waits to be expressed through you, but if you choose something else, then time accommodates that. Time provides for the experience of that which can never actually be.

Creation is always accessible in some way, waiting to be the light shining into your world through you, if you will but allow it. You are transitioning from identifying with the energy of illusion to identifying with, and therefore allowing, the energy of creation. This transition was always meant to be. It could not be any other way, since love will always predominate. The journey into illusion seemed to be a journey away from love, but your return was always assured. What is prevails.

Awakening is about intentionally dismantling and allowing the structure of separate self to deteriorate so the light can shine through you all of the time. This means that whenever tension and disturbance arise, you have an opportunity to strengthen your remembrance.

When you feel that energy, remember that it’s an energy and a mode of operation that you chose for the experience of it. Remember that the energy wants you to believe a story about something in the world being wrong or vulnerable or lacking or to blame. “The world” includes your idea of a separate self that can be evaluated–yours and others, so the energy fueling the illusion will suggest all sorts of unrest to you.

Remember that the energy of true healing is not the energy of manipulating illusions and making things look temporarily “better.” The energy that is what you are powers the acts of manipulating illusions and making things look temporarily “better.” You can feel the unrest in this. You can always choose for the energy you are instead. Keep it simple.

Remember that your mind is always touching all other minds, and when you contemplate a situation and feel the tension in it, you are actually feeling the dividing lines between separate personalities and all the conflicting judgments that are coming up. Through the conduit between minds–love–you can send love to all minds. It’s a simple relaxing into the love you are as the love you are, recognizing the love that connects everything, and seeing the spark of love in everything and everyone.

When you are encountering a situation that has the nation’s attention, such as the one involving immigrant children in your news right now, it’s an opportunity for mass healing. Many minds are focused on one thing. Before you rush to judge who is innocent and who is guilty, can you  stop and recall the innocence of all? Situations like these were written into contracts of human experience before entry into bodies in order to provide opportunities for awakening and healing. Appreciate each opportunity for healing deeply as the gift it is.

What will you send out along the mind-to-mind conduits? If there are “bad” guys, do you want to urge them on to defense and manipulation and what they have done through this lifetime? Then send them your judgment and blame.

Do you want to heal your own attachment to illusion? Then realize that the judgment and blame you were about to send to a “bad” guy is actually an echo of pain from your past, and it’s a pain that has kept you attached to fueling the illusion and allowing it to express through you. Allow that undoing in yourself, and your ability to extend healing mind-to-mind will become more apparent to you.

Do you see others in this situation as victims? Be aware of the picture of themselves you are sending to them via your always-present mind-to-mind connection. Remember, your mind is always touching each and every other mind across time and space. When you feel victimized, you suffer. When many minds are sending to you pictures and ideas of your victimization, you are not in touch with your strength and your power unless you  have already seen through the illusion. If you think the illusion is all there is, you are more susceptible to the ideas of suffering that other minds send to you.

If you are feeling pain over the idea of victimization, time to own it again. You are looking at the illusion as something which can victimize you, love, when you are that which is the power that transforms it.

Getting your head on straight does not mean that you will not take beneficial action in situations where people are experiencing challenges. You will be moved to all sorts of things. You don’t have to hide from anything. Simply take the time to get your head on straight first so your actions align with always seeing the love that is truly there, the opportunities for healing that exist. When you accept opportunities to heal, other minds will do the same because it will be easier for them to do so.

Awakening is about intentionally dismantling and allowing the structure of separate self to deteriorate so the light can shine through you, with you and as you all of the time. Whenever you think it’s something in the world that needs to heal, remember that the world is simply the outpicturing of your mind. Accept healed perception, and the world is allowed to change form to reflect that healing back to you.

If you enjoy watching the news or it is your habit, you can do this undoing work while you watch the news. It is the highest work you can do–seeing through the separate self, forgiving, taking responsibility, knowing it’s all for you. This doesn’t mean that there is any obligation to watch the news, however, You are always presented with the perfect opportunities for undoing, and it can’t be any other way.

The world and everything in it, when turned to the service of healing, is what causes the response in you that brings creation forth into perception.  In other words, everything is always perfectly set up for love to flow to you, through you and as you right now. You sink deep into remembrance, and then you spring forth into action. The action, when it comes, feels unconflicted, easy and effortless. It is worth taking the time to sink as deep as you need to in order to access the impulse for action that flows naturally.

We bask in the energy of creation, eternally. When you are willing to set down the energy of manufacturing (spawning fear-based structures within the illusion), we can reach you and share this energy. It is our joy to restore to you your rightful inheritance.

Photo by Dave Sebele on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “What is prevails

    1. Yes, time is part of the illusion.

      My understanding us that the insistence on the importance of time fades as we allow healing and transformation of the physical.

      First we collectively allow the illusion to reflect the truth of the shared self of love (what A Course in Miracles calls the happy dream), and then we release time altogether.

      Healing occurs in all dimension across time and space.


      1. I meant, you said time allows the experience of what can never be. I don’t understand the difference between what time allows and what already is?


      2. What already is is beyond time. It’s love, which is what joins all the apparently separate things beyond judgment.

        Love provides for an experience of differentiation and creativity that does not depend on time. Think of an existence where everything happens exactly “on time,” but there is no struggle to measure, evaluate and control.

        In the attempt to explain, I’m kind of setting time apart as “other,” but I’m always reminded that everything is encompassed by love. Time represents our attempt to have the experience of struggle. It also represents our choice for conflicting identities, something that is not freedom, and death.


      3. So you’re saying.. if we create something against the flow, it won’t stand the test of time? And if we want something worthwhile, we have to access it beyond time? As in, not trying to create it anew


      4. Nothing stands the test of time, so this journey, as I understand it, is releasing attachment to all things birthed in time and ended in time. No biggie! But that’s really it, because there’s pain otherwise.

        But creations of love (always ongoing) are timeless. Creation is expansion and harmony within differentiation. Extension of the love we are.

        It may express itself through physical form, using it as a tool, but what it is is beyond physical form.

        If we want something worthwhile, we turn ourselves toward what is beyond time, what emerges out of the now.

        If I find myself caught up in anguish about past, future , trying, ideals, and that which is not good enough, then I am placing value in what is valueless, and it hurts.

        What emerges out of the now is always new, and everything that comes from pain (orientation toward time/limits/control) is a repetition of that pain.

        That’s what time is. It’s a repetition of that pain, of that instant when we believed we actually separated from our creator because we wanted to taste that independent, conflicting identity. We never actually separated from our creator, and a coming-back-home plan has always been in place. We’ve just taken our sweet “time” about it–haha.

        So time is a series of repetitions of that “Holy shit, what have I done?!” moment. When we stop believing that we did anything disastrous and forgive everyone and everything, we don’t keep repeating that instant of time. We relax into the safety in which we’ve always been held.


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