Let your superpower guide your day

Pay attention. Pay attention to what you truly want. Pay attention to how things feel.

The key to what you truly want is in your feelings. You don’t want to relate to the ego in others. You want to relate to God’s child, as God’s child. The ability to relate to God’s child, as God’s child–the light in you connecting with the light in the other–is your superpower. A superpower is not anything that is yours alone. It is a power from beyond this world, as all true power is. Allow your day to be guided by your superpower, which is the power you share equally with all others.

As you do this, the ego thoughts become unwelcome. They are not fed. They are not nurtured. This doesn’t mean that they are defeated or they are admonished and turned away at the door. Let them come as they come. When they come, see them in the light that pervades all things. Notice their neutrality. Notice their meaninglessness. They only have the power you give them. They fade into nothingness as you gaze upon them with the intent to see truly. What is this? What does it mean? What message does it have for me? It is nothing. It has no message. You can pretend it has a real message, and then you will go on manufacturing illusions. Or you can simply see it as it actually is. It was never anything at all.

If you experience the temptation to condemn another, yourself, or a situation today, celebrate. Feel. Feel how that feels. You are being given an opportunity to look at the bars of the prison you have constructed for yourself, the nice, safe cage you have maintained. To condemn anything leaves you imprisoned, and when you are imprisoned, you cannot free your brothers and sisters. It is easy to see what you prefer now, is it not?

What is waiting for you outside of the self-constructed and maintained prison? The ego suggest that it is terrifying, a yawning abyss of nothingness and meaninglessness, with nothing to hold onto. Listening to these ego thoughts and attaching to them keeps your prison in place.

Let’s look at what is outside of this prison. A moment for reality–everything is within you, but for the moment we will take a look at the ego’s suggestion. The ego’s suggestion is that the terrifying thing is outside, and you will have nothing to cling to out there. What is actually “there,” where the ego is pointing, is true love rather than the egoic illusion of love, true safety rather than the egoic pursuit of a safety it can never find, true joy instead of an egoic illusion of relative happiness.

Jump in. The water’s fine. Psssst…you’re already there. You’re already here, where you’ve always been. The egoic thoughts are completely eclipsed by the knowledge and the remembrance that you’ve never left the safety and love of your creator, the knowledge that you are one with your creator, and the knowledge that in making a grand illusion, you have never been truly separated from or condemned by your creator for even a second. Your creator has no concept of condemnation. That belongs to the illusion.

Let’s return to the illusion and put it in the service of healing. When you encounter someone in thought or in the physical, the purpose of the encounter is to heal the illusion and to extend love. Your superpower is to be healed and to share healing every time you encounter anyone in any form, whether in thought or in physical experience. When you encounter any type of situation at all, whether in thought or in the physical, your superpower is to accept healing for any skewed perceptions you have about the situation, its nature, and any limits that seem to be present within it. Your superpower is to immediately share all the healing you accept. You can see now that the situation is saturated with this healing energy, and your being in it brought this healing opportunity to you.

Remember today that all is holy. When you’re seeing an egoic surface, what is underneath it is holiness. When you see an egoic surface, you’re witnessing your own past projections, and you have an opportunity to accept healing, to see your own past projections as neutral and harmless in this now moment. When you see those past projections in the light of love as neutral and harmless, you have accepted healing. The moment you accept healing, it is shared.

As you encounter healing opportunities today, remember that all healing is immediately shared, and it is our joy to watch you accept and share this healing. All of creation rejoices and expands when you do so. It is our delight to assist you when your feet or your thoughts seem to have become temporarily caught within the illusion again. Do not hesitate to call upon us, because there is nothing we’d rather be doing than that which assures expansion and shared joy for us all. Here’s to a day of accessing, using, and sharing your very natural and always-deserved superpowers.

Photo by Valeria Zoncoll on Unsplash

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