Here = Peace

You may notice that you go looking for peace today. This may be a good time to notice that peace is what you are. It is also the core of what everybody else is, and it is your honor and your privilege to allow the energy of that peace to permeate any situation in which you find yourself. Peace is ever-present, and it is always found in the recognition that there is no actual separation between what appear to be separate and conflicting elements.

We are always here for you, in the midst of any experience in which you have allowed your judgments to become active, to remind you of who and what you are. We will also remind you of who and what the other guy is. When you allow your judgments to become active, you are looking at unreality as if it is real, giving it a weight and a significance it has never had. Your job is to see through it all, to forgive it all, to see and feel what is real underneath it all.

Whenever you think something is lacking, notice that is a thought. Does it represent truth or not? Are you going to believe it or not? If you decide not to believe it, you, as love, are returning to yourself, to true knowing. If you are perceiving lack and defectiveness as real, you are choosing the illusion over reality. It is always up to you, and we appreciate so much your willingness to go deeper and deeper and deeper with this, past everything your world would tell you, past what any words could tell you, into acceptance of your true identity.

You, as you have believed yourself to be, cannot judge. You, as the fictional, vulnerable entity that love is perceiving, have never had the capacity to judge. But when love believes the thoughts sent out by the computer program of ego, love believes in an individual capacity to judge that does not even exist. It does you no good to notice when “somebody else” is being judgmental, because that somebody else is your fictional projection and another form of judgment.

Allow your creator to judge for you. You and your creator are one. Anyone else–anyone that could possibly oppose divine will–is fictional, your projection. Go slowly here. There are beings in differentiation, but they are all loving, and they have never done anything but to flow with divine will. It could never be otherwise, except in illusion. Are you ready to step out of the illusion now? Okay, then use every facet of the illusion for your awakening. We are guiding you out of your entirely fictional “bad dream” by using each and every facet of your attachment to the dream in a way that is to your advantage.

If you allow All That Is to judge for you in alignment with divine will, you will only believe loving thoughts.  If you engage in an illusion of judgment which has never really been anything at all, you will find yourself believing unloving thoughts. Simply notice. Remember. The tendency will fade away. Just notice, and notice how it feels.

When you notice something that distresses you, the unloving thoughts are the building blocks of the projections that distress you. It important to notice that you are not wrong for employing building blocks in this way, and you have never done any real harm to anyone or anything. The Whole is invulnerable, and you could never be anything but that. The building blocks are illusory and meaningless.

The power of vision will guide you, and we are so happy to communicate with you to remind you of what true vision sees when you look at the illusion and feel tempted to fall into unloving belief. We are here together to undo all of that, and we have come so far! Stay with us a little while longer, and soon you will see that there has never been any division between us.

Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

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