Body 101

Hello, welcome to Body 101, where you learn to allow the body to be employed as a tool in the service of who you truly are, which is who everyone else truly is. Go ahead–think of someone who really gets to you. This is a course in allowing the body to be employed as an instrument for the benefit of that one, because who that one is–it’s who you are. It’s who all your beloveds are, too, so let’s allow a change today that brings the activities of the body into alignment with your true self, which is always all the selves.

We’re talking about allowing a change, but we’re also talking about what is inevitable. Can you feel a breaking down of the sense of separation? Can you feel the flow of that? That is what we invite you to today, and it’s where you’ll end up anyway. It’s the flow of all things in harmony.

We ask you to notice today where you feel a contraction, a rigidity, a holding onto or defining the body, a criticizing of the body, plan-making surrounding the body because you think you have to nudge that thing in one direction or another, an assigning a value to the body that reflects back on a separate self positively or negatively, a using of the body to build up a separate self-image that is flattering to a separate self. We’re not saying flattering to you, because we don’t like to lie. You are not that separate self, and you can hear it very directly now.

Every moment you feel and notice one of those things we listed above, we are with you. We are right by your side, and there is no work we’d rather be doing. You’re rather cleverly pointing out how time is not a limitation to us, so we’re actually doing all kinds of work with all kinds of people simultaneously, and you’re right. There’s no work we’d rather be doing than this all-kinds-of-simultaneous work with your sisters and brothers. Remember, everything is happening all at once anyway. Time is a hiding place you chose, and we’re always by your side helping you unwind your attachment to it.

Every time you notice a holding onto the concept of the body as a tool you can wield on behalf of a separate self, we are right there. There is a much easier way to go about being embodied, and we are here to assist you as you release all blocks to that way of being. Give, and give generously today. Give us all that you never needed.

It’s kind of amazing as you go deeper, isn’t it? You see how much is attached to fear, how much is attached to separate-self control. Every time you go deeper, it appears vast and endless, but here’s what we want you to see: You’re accessing that much deeper and broader layer now, and you’re accessing it as the light you are. Fear observed has to dissipate and dissolve. It’s a law. That’s another way of saying that when you look at the fear and see how dysfunctional it is, you see how it keeps you attached to playing out limits over and over and over again, you really feel done with it, so you let go.

As you let go of the fear, you allow the body’s activities to simply flow in service to the All because you stop worrying about the particular. Knowing that everything that happens always serves everybody (and every body), you also know that the best way forward in any situation is to listen to the guidance of your very own self, the shared self of love. You can still hear the directives of the separate self of fear, but it is becoming easier and easier to hear them, take a breath, and choose again.

Another way to say this is that you’re allowing choice to go, and love to dominate. Yes, right now you’re still sorting and spring cleaning. You’re making a conscious choice to hear more of the guidance of your very own self. Did you know that when you hear the guidance of who you really are, you’re deeply listening to the other guy, and the other guy somehow knows that? This is how you develop true and deep trust in one another. You all start referring more to that deep well of abundance and love that is you, so it is very easy to flow along together.

So back to the body, we have to address our friend guilt. Our imaginary friend. In experimenting with what it would be like to separate from your creator, you inhabited physical bodies, and you seemed to have wills separate from one another that would bring you into conflict and woe. You basically said, “Oh, shit! What have I done? I have gone and ruined everything, and I definitely can’t go Home now. I’ll be in so much trouble. I have hurt everyone I love. I can’t face it.” So you stayed in the separation experience, hiding from the punishment and rejection you’re sure that you would experience if you returned Home. You stayed within the limits of physicality and time, thinking they would keep you safe. You tried to forget who you really are, trying to make a substitute happiness in physical reality.

In other words, you did a very good and thorough job of creating an illusion. You did such a good job that you have been cowering there, truly believing in threat and wrongdoing, for all of time. Your creator has no such concepts. The only thing waiting for you at Home is welcome. To that end, there has always been a failsafe put in place. It goes like this: Let’s use the body, made for the experience of separation, to return Home. You can turn it over to the energy of Home easily. You do turn it over easily when you know there is no punishment awaiting you, when you know you never truly hurt anyone because hurt only belonged to the game you invented.

We could not possibly be mad at you because you are who we are. Being mad (and let’s use both senses here–angry and insane) has always belonged to the game. In truth, you could never be anything but love. Love is all that awaits you.

Think for a moment about releasing the attempt to control the body. Does that bring up any fear or anger? Good. Just look at that. Feel any frustration or helplessness that comes up. Notice how that’s all come up to the surface, where the light is shining on it. Where the light is shining on it, it has to dissolve. It’s a rule. Think about how you decide what the body is going to do that day, that hour, that moment. Just be open.

Be with us a moment. If it feels right, say within yourself, “I allow the body to be used in the service of the transcendence of all limits today.” And it is done. Remember the energy of inspiration–that alive, vital and happy stuff. That’s all you did. You just said yes to that.

If you really didn’t feel like saying that to yourself, then we say, “Good!” What came up instead? Because as you’re looking at what came up, it’s sitting there in the light of your true self, and it’s dissolving. Nifty trick, is it not?

We all know what flow feels like. Do you want to experience flow today? Then say to yourself, “I allow the body to enter into and remain in the flow of love today.” And it is done. We getting you used to your very simple and straightforward power as a creator, and it begins with putting the body in the service of what you truly are. Did doubt come up just now? Good. Because it came into the light, and here we allow it to dissolve. When you become aware of old and deep patterns–that which keeps limits in place–that is when you are able to release them. As you release them, you share with your brothers and sisters the energy that encourages them to release perceived limits, too. That’s all limits are–perceptions taken very, very seriously and looked to for protection and stability.

So today is a day of flow. Why? Because you said it would be. Do you trust yourself? Can you feel who you are versus the energy of who you aren’t? The who-you-aren’t energy is only what you put in place to maintain the illusion, and you’ve only maintained the illusion because you were very deeply frightened.

When you feel safe and supported, there is so much to appreciate. This is a time of great challenge and transition for many. Great challenge can uproot your sense of safety, and that is good. When you were depending on a safety–the belief in limits and separate-self control–that could never bring true safety into your experience, it’s good when an experience comes along to uproot that sense of safety. It helps you to let go of the false and to reach for the real.

As you reach for the real, you find true safety, the true support that is always there. That’s why we’re going to ask you not to be bothered too much about what happens. It’s definitely always for the good of all. Look at everyone’s willingness to dig deep and access a new and true stability. It’s a very beautiful thing from our perspective.

So say to yourself, “Today I appreciate that the highest and best use of the body is in the service of the transformation that benefits all.” And it is done. See what you feel like doing. See what attracts you. See what you feel like dropping. See what comes up for release.

You are awareness. You are love without end, and nothing can ever change that. Allow the body to extend the awareness of that great love today. Place no limits upon it. Instead, if the idea of a limit arises, simply look at it. Be curious. Ask where it came from, where it’s going. Ask what it really means? All the answers are available to you now.

Remember today that the body doesn’t have to become worthy. All bodies are worthy tools for the expression and extension and shared awareness of love right now. It is always very simple. When the complexity arises in the form of stress or contraction, know that it doesn’t make any sense, and it never has. Abide in the simplicity of the love-without-limits that you are, and take our hands as we extend them to you. When you leave us to dwell in illusion for a while, we are always here extending the invitation to return to us.

From within the illusion, you get to decide. Is the body going to be “my body,” the body of the separate self that upholds the illusion? Or is the body going to be the body that reflects the love we are back to us? Do you choose separate self will or the will of the true self, otherwise known as my will vs. thy will. There is no versus, however, Thy will, or the true will of us all, has no opposition. “My” will is an illusory opposite that could never truly affect the divine will that is your own.

Get used to your unending connection with your creator, the connection that has never been interrupted, even for a moment. Get used to your role in extending creation. Get used to seeing the body as simply the instrument, perfectly formed in this moment, for extending the love of the creator–your love–into the illusion and allowing it to transform into a perfect reflection of your true and shared identity. In other words, the body is no big deal. It’s simply a conduit for the expression of who you are, and it never needs to be manipulated or controlled in any way.

We know this last statement is provocative, and we’ll leave you there. What comes up in reaction to the idea that the body doesn’t need to be controlled or manipulated? Who or what controls or manipulates it? What could it flow with instead? Who makes the decision about how the body will be used today and every day?

Welcome to your power. Welcome to yourSelf. We stand with you, always.

Photo by Lance Grandahl on Unsplash

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