All is as it should be

We invite you into the truth of peace. Everybody, in this moment, no matter how they are focused, is focused as they should be focused. Do you feel the peace of that? Everything is and always has been as it should be. Even when things in your world appear to be in such disarray, beneath the surface is always a divine order. Peace is just beneath the surface of every separate thing you think you see. Everyone is perfectly placed in divine roles in every moment–even and especially if it looks as though they aren’t. On the surface, they are simply either reflecting love back to you or acting as catalysts to lead you into love’s discovery.

It can’t get any better than this, and once you realize that, it gets better. But only on the surface. What lies beneath the surface has been the same the whole time–always united, always at peace.

You are moving into the reawakening of the mind as one, knowing it as one. You are coming to know that there is no true difference between you and another. As you do so, you see the order underlying all chaos. As this order becomes prominent in your perception, you allow the re-emergence of this order in your daily experience. You see a physical reflection of this order and joy in your daily life.

If you experience any event during your day that seems disturbing, take a moment to thank it. Each such event is a catalyst assisting you in releasing what you don’t need and allowing the perception of what you truly are, what everyone else is.

As change comes into your life in any form, your mind is being awakened and opened to accept new responsibilities. Fear not. In accepting new responsibilities, you are accepting knowing, flow–the ability to respond in love, as love, to anything at all, in a myriad of ways. In other words, this blasts you out of all your ruts.

This is the time of the Great Unmasking. Do you want to see every being as that one truly is? You are accustomed to seeing separately, to judging, deciding, surmising, to more or less sizzling in discomfort on that level. When you are done with this, you simply release down into the perception of what really is, what is active everywhere, all the time, and it guides you quite simply.

We see you as the love you are, and it is always in joy that we assist you.

Photo by Arnold Dogelis on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “All is as it should be

  1. Wow! 3 posts in one day and each one an amazingly perfectly timed message (divine in fact), of great importance and worth to all. THANK YOU!! I see you and I am grateful for you – Namaste

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