Raise a glass of light

We invite you to observe two facets of your day today: perception and experience. Just your perception, not anyone else’s. Shine the beautiful and neutral light of love on your own perception. To observe something without judgment, without struggle–that’s love. Observe your perceptions with the great love of which you are worthy. Take a good, slow look, and don’t worry about anything else.

And the experiences you have today–those, too. Simply look, without judgment. To look without judgment is to look with love. The only thing you need to know about those experiences is that they result directly from past perceptions, and the past is over. Have you ever noticed that there has never been a moment in which the past is not over? It truly is always now, and now is when perception correction is available. If there is any disturbance in your experience, perception correction is available for you upon your request. You are fully worthy of it because of the love that you are.

You do not have to delay in accepting healing, which is only the correction of perceptions. You don’t have to become a better person or to achieve anything in particular before you accept perception correction now.

If your perception is distorted (and you know if it is because you feel disturbed in some way), are you willing to allow it to change? We invite you to notice when you are engaged in a defense of anything. When you are, it means you prefer your distorted perceptions to peace. It means you trust ego to decide how to see things. It means you trust fear.

Well done! Yes, we are applauding you. That was the original point of this chosen experience. You were going to trust fear, and the illusion of fear was going to guide you into experiencing an opposite of yourself. You did it! And now you’re done. So this is the part where you finish with it. It’s just unlearning an ancient habit.

One of the distorted perceptions you can set down is that perception correction is difficult, rare or unlikely. It is the simplest thing in the world. It’s remembrance. As soon as you allow yourself to remember, you will. It is possible right now (and in every now) and you are fully worthy of it right now (and in every now). Perception correction is fully available to everyone right now (and in every now). The way you’re going to experience mass perception correction is as an unfolding over time. Rest assured that all of this will happen with divine timing. Divine timing is your timing–your true timing. You only need allow it.

Now look at desire. Look at how desire is connected to perception. Let’s say you notice yourself entering an irritation storyline in your thoughts today. Somebody in your environment is doing something, and appears to disturb your peace. How did you desire that? When you desire the control of a separate self over events (power over instead of power with), you are perceiving ego power as superior to the power you are. In desiring an illusion of ego power instead of flowing with the power you are, you are also desiring the full effect of ego.

Ego is a package deal. If you desire the sense of separate self-control that ego provides, you also invite the experiences of pitched battle and defense, victory and defeat that ego also provides. The alternative to this is peace. Can you see how you are conditioned to prefer the package deal of ego?

Once you see this neutrally, with love, knowing your worthiness, you are also free to make another choice. You may find that you desire peace above all else. If you desire peace above all else, you desire love above all else. If you desire love above all else, you are willing to remember who you are. If you are willing to remember who you are, you are willing to remember who all others are. If you are willing to remember who all others are, you are willing to have your perception corrected. This is our version of hip-bone-connected-to-the-thigh-bone, our way of helping you see the beautiful whole you are.

Your perception is always up to you. Notice, neutrally, with love, how you define things. Notice, without judgment, how you label aspects of your experience. See the choices you are making? There is nothing wrong with these choices. These are the choices you originally came here to make, but the reason we’re talking with you now is that you have requested instruction in turning your boat around. We’re telling you how.

So the next time you see that you have labeled an aspect of your experience as having the power to disturb you, you can stop and declare your willingness to experience peace instead. The next time you observe yourself engaged in defining separate aspects as threats to your peace and well-being, thereby empowering those aspects to show up within your experience and the world experience as threats to peace and well-being, you can simply stop.

Take time to laugh. You’re getting how this works now! You are definitely allowed time for laughter. And then you can declare your small willingness to have your perception corrected. We say small because you don’t have to decide you’re not willing enough, or that it won’t happen. Willingness is willingness. We will help you. That is our purpose and our joy. You only need a sliver of willingness.

One of the keys to receiving our help is to understand that no one else is responsible for your perception. Go ahead–find a moment when you’re finding someone else in the wrong. Find a moment when you’re making someone or something else responsible for your condition. You just gave your power away. You just gave away your ability to perceive yourself as the receiver of all good things.

Ego will tell you about receiving relative to others–more or less. Ego will tell you that you are more or less worthy than others. When you’re busy listening to ego, that’s just you doing what you came here to do. You also came to stop, and that’s where we come in. It is our great delight to serve you, because when we serve you, we serve all. We serve our shared and harmonic Self. As your perception expands, the joy of this expansion is shared with all.

Settle, for a moment, into the colorful and beautiful light of this expansion. Feel the joy we feel. Feel our love for you. Carry it through your day. We know that when you do, you share it with others, and it is a most beautiful display of light for us to watch. We thank you. We love you. We honor you. And we laugh! We laugh with you whenever you remember the great release of it.

Let’s all raise a glass of light to Earth’s release!

Photo by Matthew Payne on Unsplash

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