You are lovingly invited

We invite you. We always invite you, and it’s always to the same thing–to the remembrance of the unity and beauty we are together. We invite you to bypass all that you have set up to block this remembrance and to accept and revel in the simple peace of you and all others.

We invite you to notice the particular so you can set it down and bask in the Wholeness. What we invite you to notice today is the effort toward making and sustaining a particular identity for yourself. In your actions, in your conversations, what is motivating you? Is there any attempt to assert a particular self, and do those attempts come into conflict with the attempts of others?

Just notice. Notice how everything feels. What you don’t need you can set down and leave behind.

What do you want more–a precious identity for your small self that can be compared with the identity of others, or the incomparable? The incomparable is the simplicity of happiness with others.

Catch yourself grooming and embellishing your dear and fictional identity, and then remember to laugh. When your attention is on fictional identities–the surface of anyone–then you are unable to appreciate the depth of the identity we all share and how it expresses itself in differentiation. Allow yourself to be dazzled by the differentiation today rather than distracted by apparent conflicts or unequal values. They seem to have such substance when you see them as real, these perceptions of conflict that occur on the surface. We invite you to see them as dandelion fluff. Seen from the perspective of the Reality, the immensity, the purity, and the power of all of you, they are nothing at all.

It takes effort to uphold a fiction. The way is easy and without effort. Do you want to strive to keep fictions running, or do you want to appreciate the beauty of what always is, what always has been underneath the drama you chose? We cannot emphasize enough that there is no negative consequence for choosing the perception of drama over the perception of Wholeness. You always have the power to choose again. It is a simple choice and it is always yours.

Whatever your circumstance, you can always choose again. You can take a breath. You can say, “I choose to see the Wholeness of us. I welcome this perspective. I welcome Truth.”

Be playful. Enjoy this process. Remember to laugh.

Catch yourself trying to believe you are superior to or inferior to another, or that one is superior or inferior to another,  and then be curious about what precedes that. What state exists prior to the willful choice for unequal value? Always fear. Never simple happiness. Your attempts to establish separate and ranked identities for others and yourself represents an attempt to regain your balance when you believe you have lost it.

Allow us to give you a shortcut: You are the balance. So is that other guy. You’re just looking at your costumes and scripts, forgetting that they are truly only costumes and scripts. When you cultivate the ability to look beyond all costumes and scripts at all times, then you invite what is and always has been beyond the drama, just underneath it, to come into manifestation in your world. You invite harmony.

We invite you to laugh, chuckle, snort and guffaw. Catch yourself in the middle of a sales job for separation perception. Then check to see if it is necessary. Allow us to give you a small example. You are in the habit of seeing others as dangerous. Whether it is looking upon the dictator of a country or a child running with scissors, you believe you need to spot and resist danger in order to defend against it.

When you defend against danger…well, you have your whole human history to show you what happens when you defend against danger. It swells in your experience. You may be able to to whack-a-mole down certain aspects of it, and this is how ego keeps you hooked, but there is always something new to vanquish.

Go ahead and take the scissors away. We’re not telling you not to do that. We’re just asking you to appreciate the opportunity to observe how you simmer in fear, how you invite it, how you choose fearful perception because you associate it with safety. Simply looking at the tendency and its architecture dissolves it, so just look. Don’t attempt to be otherwise. Just look.

When you allow the structure of fear to dissolve in the light of your innocent gaze, what rises up to replace it is response from the whole of you, from the unity of you, from a place where there is no struggle–just a miraculous and fascinating unfolding. We invite you to the miracle of this unfolding with the reminder to bring your laughter with you.

We laugh and celebrate with you as you become willing to allow the Wholeness of collective self shine in every aspect of daily life.

Photo by Providence Doucet on Unsplash

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