Setting down the burden

If you look upon life with us, then you look without fear. If you feel fear, tension or judgment, you are looking and deciding without us. This is optional. Your life, as you see it, is not for you to live alone. The idea of a separate self handling everything comes from the ego. The experience of flowing with the All is what emerges when the attachment to control is set down.

When you feel disturbed, it is because your vision is distorted. This feeling is a useful alarm. When you call upon us, we can assist you energetically in seeing the truth of any situation. When you stop thinking and acting based on skewed views, you stop projecting disorder into your world. When we ask you to call upon us, we are reminding you that each being having a human experience also has an energetic team. Think of them as a team of energetic masseuses. When you actively turn to us when you are in need, we are able to help you that much more because you are letting us in. In saying that you don’t want to do this alone, you are setting ego down.

Think of yourself standing upon a very beautiful platform. That platform is the Now. It is all that truly is. But from this platform, while having the human experience, you believe a particular past and you project a particular future. When you release the past entirely, you allow a reflection of What Is (and what always has been) to spring from the Now as your future. When you try to do things and to think things on your own, you attach to ego. Ego looks upon an unstable past and replicates that in a projected future.

You are here, in this lifetime, to stop that pattern. You are here now to stand upon this platform of the only thing there actually is–love–and to allow that to determine your future with no interference from an egoic and false you, without predictions of what egoic and false other characters might do. This means that the platform of love is a platform of trust. You don’t trust any separate thing. You trust the Whole to reflect what is. This leaves you dependent on no separate thing. This leaves you needing no separate thing. This leaves you free, as you always have been.

We assist you in releasing all false perception so you can allow the platform upon which you have always been standing to do all the work for you. We teach divine laziness, which, paradoxically, can look very active.

When you find yourself in a difficult situation, ask yourself if you want knowing more than you want your fearful interpretation of a situation. Do you want truth? Not a story that satisfies ego, that separates you from another. Do you want truth because you want to feel better more than you want to be right? When you remember that you want to feel better, and you want to be able to share that feeling with others beyond all else, more than you want to feel in control of situations, you allow us to assist you.

We invite you to watch a cascade of thoughts. You believe one disturbing thought, and a whole cascade of disturbing thoughts follows. This is you allowing false you to take over. This is you allowing the future to be a repeat of the past. When you become aware that this is what you are doing, it is very easy to stop. Simply stop and call upon us. Everyone has an “us.” Everyone has a team around them very willing to assist them in bringing love into every aspect of the human experience. You only need to stop and ask.

Small-m mind finds evidence for everything it wants to experience. When small-m mind decides that things are wrong (instead of entirely right for triggering an awakening), small-m mind projects a future that replicates the past. When small-m mind decides that something is wrong, small-m mind expresses its desire that the future shows up in a way that will be interpreted as wrong.

When you stop and ask for assistance, you are stepping out of the loop of separate mind. It’s a power you always have, no matter what the circumstance.

When you willingly emerge from the thrall of separate mind, you acknowledge the power of our Wholeness. When you are willing to receive knowing, you are willing to receive the perspective of neutrality, knowing that the platform upon which you and all others stand is more important than any past you all believe or any future an ego could project.  When you realize that all that is superfluous and not needed can fade away in your sight, you can simply stand upon this platform of love, the place that you have always been, and extend love without judgment in any circumstance.

Happiness is not about circumstance. Happiness is about emerging as you are, a very simple conduit of love, and reveling in the safety, creativity, power and truth you have always been. Circumstance alters to reflect these things back to you, but first you allow them in a perception of the Wholeness of your self and the selves of others.

We are always ready and willing to do our work in assisting you. When you stop insisting on any apparent opposite of what truly is–any apparent opposite of love, peace, joy and harmony, we are able to come in and assist you in seeing the future as harmless. We help you see that as long as a future exists, it is only a place where what truly is will come into view because nothing–save a perspective to which you cling–can change what truly is.

We rest with you today in the place from which all effortless and inspired activity springs, and we never tire of reminding you that this is where you always abide.

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Setting down the burden

  1. ‘Divine laziness.’ Now this sounds very interesting, and it’s not because I’m fixated on the word ‘laziness.’ If standing on a platform of love nets this, I’m all for it. In my opinion, hands to heart, love is all there is!

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