Filling in the gaps

Where do you perceive wrongdoing now? Where do you perceive wrongdoing out in the world, amongst the people in your life, in yourself? Congratulations, you are looking upon sacred sites. You are looking upon places where great transformation can occur, where ancient hate and confusion can be met with love, dissolved, dried up and blown away, revealing the Love that was always there underneath.

One thing you should know about Love is that it is foundational. It is encompassing. Is is never not present. It is always there, no matter where your focus.

You are in charge of your focus. If you focus upon ever-present Love, the drama you chose over harmony will dissolve. If you focus upon ever-present Love, the world you now see will transform into a reflection of what has always been here underneath the drama you chose. You made the experience of a choice beyond the whole. You made the experience of struggle. You can allow all that making to subside. You can allow creation to flow through you.

This is the Great Undoing, the great shift in perception. Every site that seems to represent a concentration of hatred or confusion, whether that site is in your life, in your mind, or in your world, is a site where a blossoming can occur. Can you see this blossoming of what-is-and-always-has-been up out of what you thought was a reason to resist, a reason to fight, a reason to struggle, a reason to impose an agenda, a something-better? There is nothing better. There has always been love. You just chose the experience of a something-better and a something-worse.

Catch yourself choosing the something-better and the something-worse. Allow your belief in both to subside. See what rises up, what blossoms, when you release illusion.

This world transformed is like an island rising from the sea. It was there the whole time. It was only your choice of perception that seemed to make it inaccessible to you. It was never your unworthiness, because unworthiness doesn’t exist. It was only your choice to perceive love and not-love, worthiness and unworthiness, innocence and guilt. What if you just choose one–the only one there ever has been? There is no choice, no burden,  no struggle beyond that.

What is the world for? Is it a place for you to struggle to have your way, separate from all others, vulnerable to them or to conditions that appear to be outside of you? Would you rather turn it over for the purpose of healing so it becomes a stage upon which you watch the truth of love unfold? It is up to you. The world will reflect back to you what you choose. First it will reflect back to you in quality of experience, in feeling. You will feel a deepening peace regardless of what seems to be unfolding. Then your five senses will reflect it back to you, too. It is never about doing. It is always about allowing.

This seeming process of turning the world over for the purpose of healing is one in which all the gaps in perception are filled. As you are moving through this, you will experience periods of turmoil, of feeling unsettled. During those times, ask this: What gap  in perception still exists? What would prevent me from seeing love everywhere? And then allow that gap to fill in. What gap in perception still exists? Whenever you perceive anything disturbing, it is a chance to allow the perceptual gap to close.

We are delighted to assist you in accessing pathways to clarity that are always there for you. When you access them, you make them available to others.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Filling in the gaps

  1. It is my desire for things to be different — somehow better or changed that is preventing me from seeing love? Is acceptance of all as perfect – the way?
    I am so grateful for this post – i hope i am not bugging you with these questions. Thank You from my heart for your wondrous words. 🙂

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    1. Not bugging at all!

      The desire is perfect. It reveals the depth of your desire to return to peace, to share that with others. That desire carries us to our power and to the ability to share it with others.

      So as we think of that woman and that young man right now, we can see the beauty of the power they are. We can almost see and taste something that will make them smile today, a new idea that might come to them, a relaxing into what has always been there.

      We can see this in them when we do it ourselves. That’s when we share the power that we are mind-to-mind.

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      1. This is so beautiful and inspiring. Thank YOU soooo much. I love the way you have explained it and please accept deep gratitude from my heart for this light. I love these words — relaxing into what has always been there….thank YOU! 🙂

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