This story has a guaranteed happy ending, so let’s not get carried away with anything that happens before then.

When you lose sight of the joy that you are and the joy in which this human drama is fully healed, when something else seems to loom larger for a while, take a moment to refer to the joy that all are for guidance. In those moments when something seems larger than joy, something is rearing its head. If you can look at this something in the beautiful light of awareness, its seeming power dissolves. You’ve just had a beautiful opportunity.

If you are around a news broadcast, we invite you to meet it in this way. The news asserts victim and aggressor roles. The news is not wrong. It is reflecting mind back to you. Can you bring healing to mind today? If you see one labeled victim in the news, ask the joy that one is to guide you. If you see one labeled aggressor in the news, ask the joy that one is to guide you.

There is only one of us. If you refer to the truth of the one of us rather than the fiction, you help joy to expand in the experience of all. If you know joy is always alive in one playing an aggressor role, the experience of that joy crowds out the moments when the aggressor is called upon to play that role. If you know that joy is always alive in one labeled victim, you enable them to shine a light that affects all with whom they interact.

Activating joy in others activates it in yourself. Activating joy in others helps release all from the roles they are playing. It helps them see through all roles to the beauty and the simplicity of who they are.

We are always here to help you along, and we are not complete without you. The same is true for all beautiful beings now embodied on your Earth. Not a single one of them is complete without you. You are the source of their joy. They are the source of yours. You couldn’t be more intimate. When you realize that you feel threatened by another or when you feel irritated with another, consider for a moment that that one is the source of your joy. What is going on underneath the surface that could be brought into expression? How can you bask in the light of your beautiful connection?

You will be guided. When you make receiving that guidance more important than anything else. the guidance becomes a very simple flow.

Whenever you feel agitated or less-than, you are treating the separation–the perception of things as cut off from each other–as real. That doesn’t feel good. It’s a good alarm. When your alarm goes off, look underneath the surface to where all are joined. Ask for guidance to come from this place. Abide in the place from where this guidance springs. We encourage you to focus on the dance aspect of guidance. It is a quite beautiful dance that you get to perform as you allow your mind to unwind from separation perception. Enjoy the dance.

Whenever you perceive anything as a threat, please remember that everything comes from you to you. There’s nothing you’re not. What about the so-called bad things? Please remember that they are there to be seen through and dissolved. As you call all minds to the remembrance of love, those minds will stop enacting polarities. If you’re still in the midst of polarities, remember the divine opportunities you are having to assist all minds–and therefore your own–into sane perception. You walk into sane perception together, and then you stop enacting polarities.

Nothing is an actual threat, because there is no actual separate thing. What you’re regarding as separate is the stuff of fantasy. These egoic existences you seem to be living are fantasies. They are fantasies of having life go your way, in the sense of looking at yourself as separate. When you see through this fantasy, you assist all other minds in looking through it, too. The fantasy is transparent as glass, and when you learn to look through it, the only other thing left to see is the simplicity and truth of who you all are.

You all have access to the simplicity of truth of who you all are, and you all have opportunities to bring that into expression today. Let’s celebrate all the opportunities you are given and dance together!

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “guiDANCE

  1. This is so beautiful. There is a story in our scriptures which tells of a tug-of-war between Gods and Demons. Supreme Divinity enters the Gods as their pure energy and then rushes into the Demons as their aggressive energy. Then fills strong energy into the support that stands still and holds everything together — message is – There is only ONE….one pure consciousness playing different roles. All we need to do is watch, realize and dissolve – in the lap of love. Thank You for explaining this in such a beautiful way. 🙂

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