Children build worlds out of blocks and legos, and you have done the same with the world you see. Look at your life, from birth until present. Look at all the people, the objects, the buildings, the events, the experiences.

All of these were constructed by you, block by block. Look at the world out there. Constructed by you, block by block, thought by thought believed. Experience by experience judged.

[So funny–at the moment I am writing this, I realize my twelve-year-old son and two-year-old twins are busy building their own structures downstairs.]

You have built an identity for yourself out of the meaning you have given this separate being you call yourself. You have built identities for others out of the meaning you have given these other beings in your life.

You have given meaning to each event in your personal life and each event on the world stage.

Everything you are experiencing is the result of thoughts you have believed. This makes you responsible. It means that you are able to respond to any situation because you chose it, and you always have the ability to choose again.

Experience reflects thought. Thought is either fearful or loving. When you see this, there is a great and natural drive within you to let loving thought take over. It will manifest in each being in unique ways.

Everyone is all-powerful–has equal ability to constantly draw loving power from the All into form. When you stop denying the magnitude of your own power to choose love, to choose to invite love’s perception to take over your speech and actions, you find peace. You’ve never been anything but One with all that is real. You possess the ability to bring this fundamental harmony into lived experience.

Photo by Alphacolor 13 on Unsplash


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9.1 Virtual reality

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