Nothing needs to change

Nothing needs to change, but things will appear to change. 

Now you will be thinking of the many things that need to change in order for you and all others to be happy. These things will appear to change, but illusion is illusion. As they appear to change, there is no actual change at all. You simply allow yourself to see a happier dream because you gradually pump less anguish into it. 

The less anguish you pump into the dream, the more able you will be to see that happy dream or nightmare, it’s all an illusion. As this becomes more and more apparent, it becomes easier to release your seeming hold on what has never been anything at all. 

In terms of thingness, there is only one true thing, and it is Love. All else is illusion. It is blameless, innocent illusion. We use the concepts you are able to see and accept at this time to assist you into the Happy Dream, which is still illusion. Even a concept is a facet of separation, but ego doesn’t unite all the facets of separation in our perception. Ego is nothing at all. Your true and shared Self is what unites all facets of separation in your perception, and all you need do is allow. You allow the beautiful force of love you are to take charge of the illusion and to use it to clear your perception. 

It’s all You. That’s true, because there is nothing you aren’t.  

There is no need to harbor anxiety to push things in a good direction rather than a bad direction, because there is no good or bad.  Simply allow yourself to be guided through the dream. Go where you are attracted. Understand that you are turning all facets of the dream over to who you truly are and always have been. All facets of the dream will be used to serve all.

Love isn’t good because there has never been a bad. There has only been love. Where you have experienced something else, it is a reflection of your attachment to a figment, to a nothing-at-all dance of illusion that has captured and held your attention. Now your hypnotism is being interrupted. Broken up. It flickers. It loses strength, and something else takes over. You’re allowing a steady captain to take the wheel now. This captain has never been other than what you and all others are. 

As you seem to go through this process in time, you seem to release anguish. Here’s the interesting thing about anguish: It’s nothing at all, but it sure does seem like something, doesn’t it? You’re releasing an attachment to nothingness, a sort of tendency to stare at blank space. It seems incredible to you at this stage, but what seemed so heavy, tense and contracted was never anything at all. You allow us to direct your attention from nothing to the One Thing, to Love. 

This whole experience has been about making a seeming something out of nothing. That is the nature of illusion. The making of illusion is not and never has been a wrongdoing. Wrongdoing is not possible. The concept of wrongdoing and all the images and experiences that seem to lift it up–all illusions, too. There simply is nothing but love. When you allow yourself to see this, you allow your dream to soften and gentle. 

So what’s left when you release the nothingness you have been using to block what is really here? Just love. Only love. Only love is here right now. Even the concept of release is false, for what you release is nothing. 

There is no need to fear the nothingness of illusion. The dance through illusion gets much lighter when you are ready to acknowledge that you have been playing with nothing at all in a futile attempt to cover up the One thing–the Love all are. You would only do this to preserve your own sense of separation. 

There is no punishment. Only celebration. You feel safe in allowing eternal celebration to return to your awareness when you realize that you never did anything wrong, and you have always been welcome in your Home. We stand at the doorway to our Home with open arms, celebrating the eternal Truth of You. 

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

6 thoughts on “Nothing needs to change

  1. Beautiful. It helps to read these messages again and again – and the same message in different ways again and again. Thank you for this light – the path which is not a path – the place that is everywhere and in our heart, our Home eternal. with love and gratitude 🙂

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