Allow the Divine playwright to script what comes next

You don’t know the conclusion to this story. You seem to be traveling through time as a character in a story. You are in the process of becoming detached from the idea of your character (and therefore from what you perceive to be everyone else’s character) and from the storyline itself. This can feel painful, and you can encounter your deepest resistance, but you always have assistance in the releasing of attachments.

Whenever you find yourself struggling, no matter what the context, you are attempting to hold onto attachments that you don’t need, that you have never needed. Trust that you are provided for. It is okay to relax, and it is okay to let go.

This letting go can be especially difficult when it comes to the roles ego has assigned itself, especially roles that pertain to showing up as good enough and the idea of caring for others. Remember: who you truly Are and always have been can run things much more efficiently than who you never have been. That scrap you’re attempting to keep? That’s suffering. If  you could see it for what it is, it would be very easy to let it go.

And that’s what this process of healing is. More and more, you recognize suffering for what it is, and you are not fooled. So simply allow the process to continue. You are always supported.

Returning to the idea of the storyline, you can get flashes of the form the story will take, since time is already over, but you don’t live in moment-to-moment awareness of what form is coming next. This constantly changing and unknown storyline is what the ego has used to get you attached to suffering, to fear. You fear a possible future outcome, so you strive to control what seems to you like a present and a future. Feel that energy.

And then feel that energy of being cared for, of a happy conclusion to the storyline assured, of all things working together for good. It truly does not matter what form the storyline takes. If you place the plot in the hands of All That Is, you feel the assurance of what you Are. This is confidence. Confidence is not about a certainty of a solid self next to weaker selves. Confidence is not comparative. True confidence is rootedness in who you Are.

You are coming to a point where you don’t care what form the plot takes next because over and above everything else, you are certain that all are loved and cared for. All are truly loved and cared for by what you Are, not by what you have been striving to be. All striving must end. It is inevitable.

What you are entering into is the strong foundation of complete faith, complete openness, complete willingness to allow the tale to go where it goes next. When you are willing to recognize that it is perfectly fashioned in accordance with the plan for everyone’s healing, you don’t suffer. If you’re not busy suffering, you’re able to be profoundly helpful to others. It may look as though you’re helpful to others because of your actions, but remember that the story is just a story. You’re spirit, and the only way you assist others is by what you emanate.

During these times when you are allowing the dying off of what you have been clinging to, it can feel as if you are completely distracted, lost in ego, emotionally off-balance, and all over the place. This is the good stuff. You are allowing layers to be penetrated that you have fiercely protected before. Simply allow the undoing. This process can feel like a dying off of the self because your preferences seem to evaporate. You need less. You don’t depend on circumstance to soothe you. You are soothed prior to circumstance because you are prior to all circumstance.

When it gets confusing or disorienting, remember that you are allowing the undoing of what you are not, and the storyline will evolve in a way that serves all. We celebrate our Oneness with you, the Beauty of what you are, and the deconstruction you are allowing.

Photo by Peter Lewicki on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Allow the Divine playwright to script what comes next

  1. This is so helpful. You help others by what you emanate — which is beyond all our stories. Thanks so much for sharing this. I need to read it again and again – i have faith that the ending will be beautiful – and it is beautiful even now but i forget and try to make decisions and have ideas about how the plot should move forward….thank you for helping me remember. with much, much, much love and gratitude.

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