Stepping off the teeter-totter

What you are based upon is not a judgment. This can seem very clear to you now, conceptually. You are Love itself. You are beyond all judgment. During your day, however, you can feel a sense of instability, judgment, conflict and doubt. We are here to guide you to true foundation.

In your role as a preconceived character, what you are and how your see yourself is based upon a judgment. This is a very unstable basis as you seem to move through time and space. We invite you to step off the teeter-totter onto stable ground. Think of the stable ground as where we are standing, beyond all conflict and pain.

If you think you, as the character, need to clamp down and control any aspect of what you see to be your character’s life, you will stay on the teeter-totter. You will experience instability and see it reflected back to you by the world. So allow all the places you think your character needs to control to be revealed. Let the light you are shine upon each one. As you allow this, you will be better able to see the light everyone is.

We invite you to reach for your true foundation whenever any sense of discomfort comes up. Reach back for our hands. Come into alignment. Thank whatever reminded you to return to where we are, to where you truly always have been. Only in perception could you have been anywhere else.

Withdraw from the temptation to identify cause in the world. There is a temptation to blame others, to blame conditions, to blame yourself, seen as separate and defective. Recognize all of these thought patterns as ego temptation and nothing more. Step off of the teeter-totter and see things as they Are and always have been.

If you experience any discomfort in your experience today, reach beyond all judgment to Home. At Home, the judgment is always, “All are innocent. All are loved. All are pure.”

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 9 – I return Home

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