Always served and always serving

You are being served by everything that Is in great joy. Feel in, past the back-and-forth surface of the dream you are having. Feel inward to this great joy. It is always there, always alive. The happenings in the dream you are having can attract your attention outward, but there are rich rewards from going in. The ego sends fear thoughts about going in because this center of joy, this power source, ultimately leads your character to see the ego identity as nothing and to hear any thoughts ego sends as nonsense.

Past the resistance, past the cautions to preserve the separate identity, lies the core of great joy and service that is the true core of all. You can go there. You can abide there. As you learn to stay there, you light up a pathway for others to find and stay in the loving shelter of this beautiful inward place. This is the home of inspiration. Inspiration loves all and would infuse all if you allow it. Allow great gifts to be showered down upon all, because all are worthy.

You can’t be worthy if they aren’t, and they can’t be worthy if you aren’t. Seeing all as truly worthy, past the surface of characters they play in your dream, helps you drop your resistance. When you drop  your resistance, you allow the dream to reflect the beauty of all back to you. It is always up to you.

If you have the awareness of anything other than this beautiful core of great joy and service, an attachment to ideas of unworthiness is the cause. Can you find any reason to hang onto ideas of unworthiness? Do they bring you happiness? Do they bring you safety? Do they bring you rich resources?

Allow what isn’t and what never has been to be swept from your awareness, and you will allow yourself to experience a world of clean, pristine, innocence. You will allow yourself to experience every being you meet as a beautiful reflection of the innocence that has always belonged equally to all. You have such an opportunity to see through characters and roles right now. Right now you can drop all judgment of characters and roles, because it will only lead you to an experience of pain. Look through the characters. Look through the roles. All that lies beyond is joy, and it is up to you to allow this to be expressed and reflected in your world, in your dream.

You have always served all from the purity, love and wisdom that you Are. Don’t go to an analysis of a character with a past to see this. Go straight in to the Light you Are. This shining light is the Truth of you and all, equally. The only thing that can prevent you from dancing in the glory of this Light is belief in the thought that ego sends–a constant commentary about the surface of the dream. If you get distracted by this commentary, you don’t feel good, and this is as it should be. You should have a clear sense of when you are lying to yourself. How else would you find your way back to the Light?

If you are experiencing anything other than joy, it is only due to an attachment to distorted thought forms. Find your willingness to understand which thoughts are nonsense. The assistance is always there for you to see this. As a character, you experience a temptation to believe nonsense thoughts from ego because the ego tells you that seeing your character in a positive rather than a negative light brings great satisfaction. Ego promotes satisfaction, not True Joy, as the pinnacle of what you can achieve.

If you look within to the Light, to the True Joy, you can see that satisfaction–a rat pressing a lever to get a pellet–keeps you attached to the dream world. Your character demands satisfaction from a world you are dreaming. You can ask for more than that, and you should. Why should you be happy with the gift of nothingness? Ask what is Real. Ask to be shown. Ask to be guided from that bright Light that is the Truth of all beings. Allow the dream world to transform into a place where this shining Light is felt and acknowledged and celebrated. It truly is up to you.

The willingness to allow the mind to be healed is the willingness to see the Earth transformed. Your radiance can be seen, felt and experienced. The radiance you Are has to belong equally to all. Find your willingness to see this radiance shine forth from every being in every situation, and you choose Peace. The ability to choose Peace has always been your own, and the being you are has always been peaceful and loving, without exception. Find your willingness to allow all characters to express the Truth of their being, and see what happens.

We honor you with great Love as a beautiful expression of our Creator.

Photo by Pablo Orcaray on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Always served and always serving

  1. Vik,You may disown the Supremacy of God and His sovereign Will of leading us according to His good pleasure…//It wasn’t God who brought me here.It was a friend of mine, who is not even a TPM believer.//What do you mean by God’s leading…? Do you think God leads you only in Person??Do you think God leads you only by God’s people??Do you think God will not lead you through pagans??No ..No at all..You lack knowledge of God and His leading…For the arguement sake you may disagree…but it has already started …Read the following versesActs 17:26He(GOD) determined their appointed times and the boundaries of their lands. 27God intended that they would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each one of us. 28‘For in Him we live and move and have our being.Joy of the Lord is my Strength… I dont need the rresult to believe My God’s Work..But i know for sure it has already started…My Faith is believe my God … He who began a good work will bring it to completion on the Lord’s Day…Then again I reiterate i am not speaking for “fromtpm” or “admin”… I never inspire to support or join the site…I am here for God … and I urge to speak for GOd…Let God alone be glorified…Amen 0

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    1. Thanks for coming here, Theodore. It looks as though your questions are addressed to Vik, so just wanted to wish you well. “For in Him we live and move and have our being”–very beautiful. 🙏💜


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