Carrying the light

You are not here to play with illusions. Any moment of boredom, fatigue, anger or worry means that you are busy at play with illusions. These feelings states are not caused by something real. We invite you to see through the unreal today. Ask for help in seeing through the unreal, and it always comes in some way. Ask often.

You are here to allow illusions to fall away. You are not here to bring anything new about. You are here to allow what has always been to shine forth into your nest of illusions, dispelling them all.

When you find you feel discomfort for any seeming reason, it is not the time to condemn yourself, especially since the “yourself” you would condemn doesn’t exist. The discomfort is only a signal, and it is a helpful signal. The signal tells you that you are caught up in a dream.

Ask for our assistance. It is so valuable when you ask for help instead of blaming some seeming other one or some condition in the world for your discomfort. If you do that, you are just playing with illusions again. Ask to be helped out of the dream, and you will be assisted, we promise you.

Each “other” you meet today in the physical or in thought carries the light for you. Do not be shy about asking that other, mind-to-mind, to show you the light. Do not be shy about thanking them, mind-to-mind, for the light they carry. This is no small thing. Your willingness to see the light all carry is what invites reflections of light into your world.

You all do such great service for each other, carrying the light. Thank yourself. Thank all seeming others. Allow all of your illusions to be undone as the light shines forth.

We celebrate in the glow of the light you are, and we delight in your willingness to watch dreams pass away.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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