Everything is useful

Every aspect of the illusion you made can be turned to the service of healing, to the service of waking you up. Everything is useful, but when you are identified as the separate one, what ego would have you be, you have no idea what the purpose of anything is. We ask you to cultivate a willingness, an openness to be shown. Realize that your mind has misused aspects of this illusion, seeing salvation in what seems separate, and stop making decisions from the perspective of separation about what everything means. Become as a child and allow yourself to be shown.

You made this illusion. You need not have guilt over what you made, because every aspect of it can be used in the bringing you out of it. As you are brought out of illusions, all of your divine siblings are brought out of illusions with you. No guilt is necessary. Your admitting that you made the illusion is necessary, along with your willingness to be brought out of the illusion into the light. When you catch yourself being attached to particular aspects of the illusion you made, find your willingness to be freed from those attachments. As you are freed, all are freed.

You need not have guilt over what you made, because what you made has no reality. If you feel the sting of guilt or any of its relatives–any negative emotion–you are treating the illusion you made as if it has reality. When you become aware that you are treating the unreal as if it is Real, find your willingness to be guided into clear vision.

You need not have guilt over what you made, because guilt does not exist. Guilt itself is an unreal state. All illusory states related to guilt–any physical or mental pain or discomfort of any kind–they are all experienced because of a willingness to experience what is not Real. Stop. Find your willingness to be led into what is Real. You are not directing this show. You must be led. Find your willingness to hear stage directions.

Remember today that your job is to allow the awakening, and the first step in awakening is realizing that you are dreaming. It is not your job to direct how all are released from the dream of suffering. It is your job to follow. Find your willingness to allow your instructions to become clear, more important than any thoughts ego would send you.

We love serving you, and we delight as you discover true service to others beyond all illusions.

Photo by Jack Cohen on Unsplash

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