Our partnership in curiosity

Ask yourself what you want today, and be genuinely curious about it. Do you want one specific thing that you’re going to use force of will to make happen, and then another specific thing and then another specific thing, or do you want the flow? Anytime we set up a comparison like this, it is impossible to tell the exact truth because language itself is choppy and dualistic, but we can guide you along feeling channels to sense the truth here. Have a sense of setting your literal-mindedness aside and being curious about what the immensity of you is going to show you today–that will serve you. And language is just a bridge–a bridge between the immensity of you and the human figure of you.

When you are remembering yourself as the whole that is expressed in and through everything, you have to want the whole more than the illusions. Even that statement–you have to want…does that even make any sense at all? But what we’re doing is describing a trajectory that is already over. The story is already done, but you’re experiencing this particular part of the story and calling guidance to you as you see the story, the dream, for what it is.

Your wants are perfectly timed. And the transition in want that you are experiencing…

…a word from our sponsor: there is and cannot be no actual want or lack…

The transition in the sense of “want” that you are experiencing is that you want the whole more than the illusion. You want the inner more than the outer. You’re willing to go on that journey.

You begin to want the whole thing more than any specific thing. This means that messages and impulses can get to you. When you don’t care what you’re going to say, you allow what you say to align with divine will. When you don’t care what you’re going to wear, you allow the clothing you wear to be an expression of whatever can be expressed. When you don’t care what you eat, you allow eating to assume whatever form will be most beneficial for all. This doesn’t involve thinking, judgment and decision in the way that you have become accustomed to it. But who cares? You know what feels good. You know what feels right. You know that trying to step back into an old pattern that once represented safety hurts like a…the word you won’t quite let out in case you offend or disturb someone.

You see that concern there? Well, what if if in saying motherfucker you connect with someone in a way they understand and trust? In allowing the concerns and fears to melt away, you can say or do anything at all, and that’s actually helpful. Ego would say, “No, no! You need these fears and concerns to keep you safe!” What–you and nobody else? What worth does that have? Wouldn’t you rather remember the safety in which you have always existed? So that means anything goes, but it’s an anything coming from the everything, so it’s safe.

Notice the judgments that come up today. Be curious. Notice your belief in judgments, even very elementary ones about the physical world, about glass breaking, for example. Notice the easier-to-spot ones, like categorization of people into good or bad characters. Walk through this forest in curiosity. Any judgment believed, even a comparatively positive one that would blind you to equality, is a reflection of a desire for the illusion. Just notice. And see what comes into that space.

As we go deeper, the fear that you have relied upon to have your way–the illusory self’s way–rises up like an iceberg out of the ocean. We allow it to melt because we know that preserving it is pain. Your awareness of how you feel and your willingness to feel are key.

You are accustomed to an existence in which judgments define you and others. You are used to judgments guiding you. When you become a lot more interested in something other than than the polarity of judgment, you begin to see, feel, and sense what judgment has always obscured.

Are you curious to touch it? To see what it is? Allow your curiosity to guide you. We love this energy and can work very well with it, so here’s to today’s partnership.

Photo by Sarah Cervantes on Unsplash

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