Past and future as pathways to the Now

We invite you to pay attention to the times when you are focusing on the past or the future. Spiritual students are generally instructed to stay in the Now, but what about when your attention has strayed? Notice if there is any disquiet in your past or future focus. If there is, it is time to accept healing–to say yes to healed perception, and to allow flawed perception to be washed away.

If there are any characters in what you are remembering or anticipating, thank them for the call to healing they are sending to you. For example, if you are worried about someone else’s future, and you become aware of your future focus, you can stop and thank the one you are worried about for helping to make you aware of the opportunity to accept healing for your own perception, right now.

When you are in a place of genuine gratitude, and when you are willing to allow your own perception to be healed, you see the shining strength within the one you were thinking of, and that shining strength carries them through anything on their path. You are being given a sacred opportunity to see them as they really are, and if you are able to see them as they truly are, you will be able to see yourself as you truly are.

Let’s say an unpleasant memory surfaces for you, and there are other characters in this memory. You can stop and realize that you are being given a sacred opportunity. If you feel anything less than joy, that means healed perception is waiting for you right now, and all you have to do is accept it. The characters in this memory hold this healed perception out to you. You can thank them. Whatever they seem to have done or not done was a call to you to wake up to your true nature and theirs. If you did not receive it that way at the time it happened, you can receive it that way now.

What feeling do you feel as you review this memory that has surfaced? What thought comes up in association with the feeling? The characters in this memory have their hands outstretched to receive. Their true being–always the light and nothing but the light, regardless of the roles they played then–will take this flawed thought from you because you don’t need it anymore. As you release your hold on the flawed thought, a space opens up in your mind, and it is filled by light. This light flows out to everyone through you  to everyone across time and space, offering healing to all. It is no small thing.

Healing always extends across all of time and space, and you always have the option to share healing as you find you have focused upon characters seemingly in the past or in the future. You can do this looking upon past-you or future-you. Find your gratitude for the perfect roles they play, and hand over a thought that has revealed itself when you consider the disquiet. All selves are the same pure Self, and they can all conduct you to healing. You are always surrounded by healers, even when you have wandered off into past or future. All selves can receive your gratitude and beam it back to you.

When you focus upon healing, you invite transformation. You don’t have to try in the way you are accustomed to trying in order to bring transformation about. Inspiration guides all, and as you take advantage of all the opportunities you receive to accept and share healing, inspiration will become a stronger and stronger force in your life. As you learn to live life through and by inspiration, you make inspiration more readily available to all you encounter or think about.

In bringing everything to the light–what is remembered, what is anticipated–you allow the light to shine through all, and you make the light more readily available to all. Let everything be your invitation to the powerful, healing light of the Now.

We shine eternally in the Now, and it is our joy to shine with you.

Photo by Pablò on Unsplash

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