Staying in the joyful quiet

Any moment of disquiet is your feeling the resonance of the bondage in which you hold yourself. We will remind you endlessly so you can wake up–unpleasant feelings that you experience are never due to seeming happenings or conditions in a world. They are always an indicator that it is time to wake up.

You hold yourself in bondage because you think it is safer than experiencing yourself as you are. This world is a massive distraction in which you hide–one separate self in a mass of separate selves engaged in confusing and frenetic activity. You have never been hidden from your Creator, and there is no need to hide. You have been shining eternally, no matter how you have used thought to give yourself experience.

When you go to your willingness to be released from bondage, you allow your right mind to be revealed. When you allow your right mind to be revealed, you see the innocence of all beings, and you can finally see yourself that way. At this point you are still experiencing the beings playing a variety of roles, but you know they are not their roles, and you know all the roles are helpful.

Think of a cloud of false thought that you have gathered around your right mind. When you go to your place of willingness, you allow that cloud cover to be removed. As your mind seems to shine upon everything around you, you see the shining nature of everyone and everything. You realize you know who everything is, what everything is, so the form it’s taking currently is irrelevant.

Under these conditions, the form can change very quickly as needed. You’re giving form the conditions it needs to transform. Because you realize that what has value is the shining behind the form, you don’t struggle to hold the form in stasis or to change the form in specific ways dictated by personality. Instead, you allow the form–the seeming world in which you live–to assume any form that will benefit all. In this way, you are able to bring reflections of healing to all.

More and more, you will associate the feeling of freedom with allowing the cloud cover of false thought to be removed, so you will stay in the place of willingness more often. This is the same as prayer. Abiding in prayer all the time is your true joy because it is there that you relax into your true nature, allowing all who seem other to relax into theirs.

We are always with you in this place of joyful quiet, and we exult in the power to move worlds that emanates from this sacred place, our true Home.

Photo by wilsan u on Unsplash

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