Tension is the call to receive a gift

It is so important to realize what is going on with you when you feel tension, and to notice the opportunity you are being given. Tension feels like an unpleasant experience, and it should. Becoming aware that you don’t feel good takes your attention off the world you are projecting for a moment. Feeling takes you to the first step within, and from there we encourage you to go further and further inward.

Noticing tension means that there is a gift for you in that moment, because of that situation you seem to be experiencing, and within is the place to receive this gift. The situation you experienced highlighted for you the fact that you are resisting Love, and now is always the moment to go within to have that resistance undone. That resistance doesn’t protect you. It doesn’t get you anything you want, and it doesn’t help anyone else. There is no reason to hold onto it.

When you are feeling tension, you are feeling the defenses you hold up against love. It is very easy to think when you are feeling tension that it is because of someone or something in the world you are projecting with thought. That is the purpose of this world. It is supposed to prove to you that your thoughts are true.

One of the most important things you can do now is to make clear to yourself that when you feel the tension of anger, fatigue, irritation, or any other unpleasant state, it is not caused by the situation or the people. The situation and the people are revealing your resistance to Love, and you can thank them because it is possible to have your resistance undone right now. Every situation holds a gift for you, and you go within to accept it. The situations and the people who seem to annoy you are your reminder to go within, and you can give thanks for all of it.

When you are feeling tension, it is an indicator that your thoughts are lies. Think of being in a situation that doesn’t feel good. Your thoughts made that situation. Your thoughts made your perception of every character in that situation. Everything you seem to see is obscured by whatever fearful thoughts you are believing. Find your willingness to go within, to be shown everything as it truly is, without the confusing costuming of the thoughts ego sends to you.

The tension of sadness or of boredom is an indicator that your thoughts are thoughts of a cloud cover, that which obscures the light. The thoughts are sent to you by ego, and once you accept them, you see them projected in a world. You do not have to accept these thoughts. You can see them as entirely unreal, meaningless, powerless. Indeed, you are on the path to do just that. Every situation you seem to be in helps you. Every character you meet, just as you seem to see them, is helpful to you. Give thanks for them all.

When you become aware of tension, think of a team of nonphysical helpers surrounding you. Your acceptance of thoughts from ego has given you the experience of hell–of living in a world based on death and the conflict of perceived opposites. Your nonphysical helpers can take any thoughts you are willing to release.

See the source of your tension as a bundle of thoughts that seem to be related to one another. In truth, they are all nonsense. The situation you are in, the people you are with–they alerted you to the fact that you are holding onto a bundle of nonsense. Give thanks for the alert. Everything is performing a very useful function.

Now hand the bundle over to one of your nonphysical helpers. You don’t need nonsense, and you have never needed it. As they stand in a circle around you, light flows from one to the other, and you are now standing in a circle of light. Light comes from within the bundle of nonsense, fills it entirely, and fades, leaving nothing at all behind. You just allowed the light to shine through what was never real.

Now the light flows in toward you, through you, lighting you up entirely. What was never true or real about you is free to leave now. The situation you were in, the people you were with–they are the beautiful ones who brought you to this gift of light. You can thank them.

As you accept the gifts that are there for you, you can begin to perceive that everyone is lit from within, and because you are willing to see that light, you are able to experience and appreciate it. Every situation has light at its core, and you are able to bask in it when you know it is there.

We thank you for your willingness to see the light you are, and we delight in your radiance.

Photo by Jake Givens on Unsplash


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