Minds connected in blessing

A blessing is available at any time. Whenever you find yourself thinking thoughts unrelated to blessing, stop. You are in control of your mind, and you can decide the direction it takes. It is the acceptance of blessing that eases everyone’s burden. If you are busily thinking about one burden or limit as if it is reality, you are turning down the opportunity to accept a blessing.

Any blessing benefits everyone. When you allow the love of your creator to shine upon you, and you find the willingness to see that light in everyone, you are bringing the light to everyone. There is no work more important than this.

Does this mean that you should not take actions? It would be better for you to think of actions as predestined by thought patterns. The actions are an expression of thought patterns, and effort spent in controlling actions is very inefficient. Go to the mind and allow it to be lit up. A mind filled with light takes care of any actions. Mind causes experience, so go to the level of Mind when you are looking for solutions.

Minds are all connected. You can reach every mind through your own. There is no greater service you could do for anyone else than allowing your mind to be cleansed of all untrue thoughts. It is as if all the beings who have experienced time and space have summoned a very dark storm to surround them. As you allow the storm around you to calm, and the clouds part to reveal a clear sky, others around you can see the the clearing of the storm is possible. Thoughts enter their minds that guide them to allow the calming of the storm.

As one mind eases into joy, all of the other minds are given the same invitation. One mind might pause briefly in its struggle as it seems to hear an invitation to joy and ease. A pathway has been opened, and now the thoughts of Truth can reach that mind more easily.

What you choose to do with your mind is important and affects all of time and space. As you choose to awaken,  you make that choice apparent to those who didn’t know they had a choice before. As you commit to allowing all thought to go but that which represents the True Self of all, you make the decision to awaken more easy and obvious for all.

We are here by your side as you have the opportunity for choice within the experience you have made for yourself with thought. You are safe and supported as you choose the light.

Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “Minds connected in blessing

  1. Mind Creates. I Am Choosing The Light in Every Way from This moment Forward. Thank You So Much for The Clarity and The Guidance. Many Blessings (smile).

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