Find your willingness to see the brilliance

Your self is one of the illusions comprising this grand illusion. Finding your willingness to look through the illusion of this separate self to what is Real–this is your greatest power. When you are looking at what is Real about you, you are looking at what is Real about every being across time and space. What is Real about you all? Love, innocence, peace, truth, grace and joy. Focusing upon this is very powerful, issuing a call to all minds to awaken and remember who they Are.

The perceived self of an other is another illusion in this dream. There is only one of us, and we all share the same power, the same love. Find your willingness to look through this distracting surface today. Ask to see what is Real. Whenever you are disturbed, you are looking at the smokescreen the mind throws up and believing that it is real. In these moments, ask to see what is Real.

We invite you to look through the perceived selves to what they truly Are. This is where your power is, and when you look at the source of your power, you can see that it is always benevolent and equally shared with all others. Your power is a great blessing, and it is equally available to all of you at all times. There is only one of us, so what belongs to one belongs to all.

If you perceive that you are in conflict with someone or conflicted about someone, ask to see what is Real. Ask to see past the illusion to the union that is the truth. From this place of focus, if something is to be done, you will know what it is. If something is to be said, it will be clear.

The situations in which you see each self are smokescreens thrown up by the mind to entice you to believe in peril and vulnerability. When you feel tempted to see any self as imperiled, any self as vulnerable, ask to see the truth of our powerful union. Ask to see the power that is shared by all. Find your willingness to allow this power to flow through you.

In truth, each being is held in the greatest of safety. Whenever you sense threat in any form, ask to see the Reality of safety. We hear you asking, “Shouldn’t I cross the street to get out of the way of the car first?” You will cross the street if you believe you should. Remember that actions are the result of thoughts. They indicate how you are thinking. You don’t have to try to control actions. They are expressions of how you have been thinking. The thinking is what you can allow to change, and then of course the actions fall in line.

Imagine the service you can perform for all minds if you allow yourself to witness how truly safe we all are. Imagine if you allow yourself to know this and to radiate it. Remember, you are alway held in safety. If you see any lack of safety, it’s because you’re having a nightmare about what isn’t, and you wanted this nightmare instead of what is Real. Come back to your Self. Remember that what you truly want is what is Real, and allow that be your guiding force.

We are your guiding light as you are ours. Find your willingness to see the brilliance with which the light of the Self can shine through every self.

Photo by Arto Marttinen on Unsplash


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