The world is your thoughts projected

In order to allow a change in perception, you must be willing to release a perception of fear. Think of a set of cards, each one with an image representing your world as you experience it. This is the hand you are currently playing. You can trade your cards with images of an unhealed world for cards with images of a healed world. If you give something up, you leave room for something new to come in. You don’t give up anything real, so you don’t lose anything when you release your current mode of perception. You gain the perception of what you have always had.

The whole world  you experience is merely perception. If you seem to be looking at conflict and strife, you can find your willingness to release the perception of conflict and strife. What comes in to replace it is a reflection of what truly is–Truth, Love, Grace & Joy.

When you are looking out at the world and thinking that you are seeing something real, you believe that you must engage at the level of the world drama in order to see a change. The world is only your thoughts projected, however. See this, take responsibility for how you experience it, and go to your place of power–your willingness to allow your perception to change. When you access this place of power, you make it more readily available to everyone else.

There is something that you want more than your current way of seeing things. When you think you don’t like what you are seeing “out there,” you want freedom from what seems to be outside of you. You do have that freedom, and it is what you are. That freedom is what everyone else is, too.

We invite you to notice whenever you are perceiving limits, whenever you are perceiving yourself or another as constricted or hampered by the world and its conditions. In this moment, you can access your willingness to see your true nature as freedom itself, to see the true nature of all others as freedom itself. Just find the place within where that would be okay with you, and that is enough. You want what truly Is more than what you seem to be seeing right now. That is enough.

This is not the same as wanting the world to change. When you want the world to change, you want to see one illusion instead of another illusion. Go within instead. Find the place where you are willing to experience what truly Is, because it holds no threat for you or anyone–just Joy, and Joy of which everyone is equally worthy. Revisit this place of wanting what truly Is whenever you notice you have left it.

When you really stop to look, you want freedom more than your current perceptions. Any feeling of disturbance is an invitation to stop and look. If you can recognize in those moments of disturbance that you are experiencing an illusion because you wanted it, and that you are willing to abandon illusion in favor of Truth, you will be on the path to happiness. Happiness accepted is happiness shared.

Believing that your current perceptions are in reaction to something real, you want the world to change or yourself to change so you can be happy. What is Real is changeless, and that is what you truly are. Go within and find your willingness to see the eternal nature of everyone, to see the changelessness–the still, quietness–available in every character, in every situation. Find your willingness to have all your speech and action delivered to you from this quiet space.

Rest here. Dwell here. This is where you know you are loved, where you know that all are loved equally. Rest here, and what seems to happen in the world will not disturb you. When you abide here in faith and trust, you know all is the unfolding of a larger plan that delivers everyone from illusion.

It is our joy to rest with you in this quiet place, and to deliver unto you all that you need for the effortless and joyful playing out of your role in the healing of all.

Photo by Diana Orey on Unsplash


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