We can use everything

Your goal is allowing the full remembrance that love is the only thing that is Real. When you think you have another goal and you are experiencing any negative feeling state in relation to it, it is a call to recognize your real goal. Pausing to put your attention on the real goal will make your path clear to you. If you are not walking your path in peace, it is time to stop.

At the same time, it is not wrong if you experience a lack of peace on the path. The whole point of the path is helping you deal with these feeling states, assisting you in focusing on what is Real in order to allow illusions to disappear.

On this path, you become very skilled at being aware of how you feel, watching your thoughts, and not allowing fear to grow in the mind. How you respond to fear is up to you. We remind you that fear is nothing–just an illusion. You do not have to give fear a power it has never had. Fear has no power of its own. The illusion of fear has always required the power of Love to run it. You are Love itself, and you do not have to give your power to fear. You do not have to give your power to an illusion.

Your life experience now is like being a gardener. You see the seeds of fear before they even touch the soil, you go within, and you allow them to disappear in the light that is Real. The seeds of fear don’t take root, and they don’t grow because you are willing to notice how you are feeling. Every time the answer is “not good,” you are believing fearful thoughts, welcoming them into your garden.

A light that opposes darkness is not real, but if the illusion of this false light is given over to the whole of us, it can be used in your awakening. Any thought you find that is connected with tension or distress–give it over to us. It represents an illusion, a current perception. We can make use of anything at all. We can use your illusions to lead you back to the awareness that the only thing that truly exists is Real light, and it is not a light that would oppose or defeat anything. Rather, in the presence of True Light, all that is unreal fades away because it was never there.

Everything you seem to believe in can be used to lead you along the path that takes you beyond fear’s reach, permanently and finally. All you need to do is to place what you seem to believe into the hands of the Whole to use for you, to use on the behalf of everyone. Trust that all is well now, and that you are always surrounded by love as you are led along the path of light.

As we lead you, we know your destination is sure because you are already there. You have never left Home, and it is our joy to show you the truth of how you have always been at Home in joy with us.

Photo by Ray Fragapane on Unsplash

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