Sparkles everywhere

There are sparkles everywhere. Think of this as you walk through your day. There are sparkles everywhere, and you are becoming able to see them. The world doesn’t need to change to please you or anyone. There have always been sparkles everywhere, and now you are willing to see them. Trust that the world will take any form most appropriate to support the healing of all. That is all you need to know.

You are truly loved and supported. These sparkles are a reflection back to you that you and all are so loved and supported on your journey Home. What is a sparkle? Any moment of joy. As you find your willingness to release distorted perception, these everywhere-in-everything-sparkles become more apparent to you.

If you are not experiencing joy right now, there’s no reason to sink further into despair. Instead, celebrate what you are allowing. You are allowing distorted perception to surface, and you can feel how it feels. Now is your perfect opportunity to find your willingness to release it.

How do you release distorted perception? Simply agree to do it. Find your willingness to let go of what you don’t need, and sit there for a moment. It is done. Over time you will realize that allowing the blocks to happiness to be removed is the only thing that brings on happiness. Happiness is not dependent on the apparent conditions of the world out there. The world can bring temporary satisfaction, but that is all. True happiness always comes from within, and what is within is visible when you allow distorted perception to be cleared.

On your journey Home, you are never alone, but you are always All One. When it gets intense and difficult, remember that you are returning to the awareness of the whole Self, which always shines. The only reason you could feel anything other than peace and joy is that you are running into one of the blocks you set up, with thought, to cover up your awareness of that whole Self that is shared with all.

Life will offer you the perfect opportunities to see the light in everyone. Think of this day today as your invitation and your opportunity to see the light that all Are shining through everyone without exception. Whether the characters seem to act out the blocks to love that you are still holding up or reflecting the joy you are back to you, they are always helping you. Know that light is always present in everyone and in every situation, ask to see it, and it will become what you see first. It will become what you value more than the surface.

No one has to perform for you. By your willingness to see the light they are, you will see truly. Your happiness has everything to do with seeing light everywhere and nothing to do with anyone else’s struggle to please you, notice you or admire you. Let go of what you think you want from everybody, and begin to see what they have always offered you in perfect ways.

There are sparkles everywhere as you walk through your day. We invite you to delight in them and to give thanks for who everyone Is.

Photo by Julie


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