Faith in the source of solutions

The answer to any perceived problem is a perception shift. Ego recommends reacting to perceived problems with lamenting or action perceived as fixing. If you invest your time in finding your willingness to experience perception shifts, you will find perceived problems solving themselves. The solving may involve you in some way, or it may not. You don’t have to know ahead of time. Simply put your faith and trust in the source of all solutions.

You don’t need circumstances to change, although they might. When you find yourself in a situation in which you wish strongly for circumstances to change, there is value in looking at that internal war you have going on, seeing your certainty that something is wrong. Is there someone in this situation that you are seeing as wrong? This is your opportunity to find your willingness to see that one as they Are. Learn to allow the sense of war or bombardment to pass, and you will find ease in responding to everything.

The circumstance that seems so unacceptable to you is a gift. It brings your internal war, which is always a war against yourself, right to the surface. All wars against yourself are wars against all others. You can feel this as tension and defensiveness. You can feel this as certainty of defects. When what has been hidden rises to the surface, it is a perfect opportunity to accept healing, to stop the repetition of painful situations.

There is no need to battle with circumstances. When you notice that you are battling circumstances, this is your perfect moment to accept healing for yourself. What are you feeling? What are you thinking? Dive in, past all of that, to the truth of you. Each time you reach the truth of you, there is no battle. Eventually you will perceive clearly that it is in your best interest to abide in the truth of you. From there, you can see the truth of all.

You are the one who can always stop and rest in peace. When your mind seems to be churning beyond your control, just know that you are developing this control, and it is the only control that matters. Be patient and know that all is well. All are worthy, and all are guided.

Resting in peace, you are offering peace.  Peace is everyone’s true inheritance. You can offer peace to all right now simply by resting there.

We rest in peace eternally, and we are very much alive. We rejoice to see the peace in you, and we know there is a resting place always available for you there.

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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