Come to the fountain

There is a sacred healing place always available to you. We invite you to think of it as a fountain, as the Source of Life. Whenever you perceive a need, and you can tell you are experiencing a need by the disquiet you feel, come within to this fountain. This fountain will give you everything you ever need. This fountain never stops giving, because it gives from the source of your True Being, which can never be depleted.

This place is within, and when you go within, you are also going within to the true nature of all beings across time and space. The true nature of all beings across time and space is boundless, endless, and very, very kind. Awakening is about learning to trust the kindness of this place, learning to rely upon it in all things, past all concepts.

When you are at the fountain, in this place of healing, you surrender. You surrender all your most cherished beliefs because you see now that they only caused you pain and never kept you safe. At the fountain, you give up what you have been clinging to, and it is a relief to relax into what is beyond belief. Your beliefs have wearied you, and it is here at the fountain that you can seek rest and emerge refreshed without conceptual burdens.

As you come to know more and more the refreshment of the fountain, you surrender all your thoughts, seeing clearly that you don’t need them. Anything you need will be provided for you, and it will be provided by that which is beyond all separate identity. When allowed to operate in your experience, that-which-is-beyond-all-separate-identity–love for short–will take over.

You will only allow love to take over when you can see that you as a separate identity don’t know the first thing about anything, but there is something that knows all that needs to be known. You are very safe in deferring to that which knows all that needs to be known–your Self, the Self you share with all.

When you surrender all your thoughts, the thoughts you experience as “yours” can be sorted and organized and re-formed to guide you through your day. Whenever you feel disquiet, perception is distorted. Your thoughts are in a state of disorder. There is only one remedy for this, and it always comes from beyond the level of the world, for you reside beyond the world you see.

Go to the fountain for renewal. At the time you experience disordered thinking, you are also experiencing a false and limited you, and you are seeing false and limited versions of everyone you look upon, everyone you think about. There is only one remedy for this. At the fountain, perception is altered in such a way that you are brought into a peace you can share with all. All you need do is to allow this peace to return to your awareness.

We light your way to the fountain, and we are with you as you allow the sound of its rushing waters to wash away everything you thought you knew. We are with you as you come to see that we are the fountain, ever-flowing, and so are you. We are with you as you see all of your divine siblings flowing as this fountain, and we bask in the same gratitude you feel as you allow the transformation of perception that brings you Home.

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

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