Peaceful landing

Judgment is a landing place. It is where you pause, convinced that the thought you just heard is true. In that landing place comes a certainty that the world is a particular way, and then the world obediently takes your cue. That’s all the world can do. It can only obey your thoughts about it. More and more, you are seeing that the landing place of judgment is not a place that ever brings happiness.

Ego tells you otherwise. Ego tells you that it is fine to land in judgment. How else would you know what is wrong so you can go about the work of fixing it? Ego tells you that when you have every piece in place, then you will be able to look at the world and judge yourself happy. Ego depends upon the relative back and forth, and yet it promises that you can rest in happiness if you just try hard enough. It makes no sense, but it tells you that you have no choice but to struggle toward an ideal that can only ever be a mirage.

Give thanks that you have negative emotion to tell you when you have landed in judgment and are attempting to make a happy nest out of the unstable. Anger exposes your opinions, which can go today. Your opinions are those judgments ego has sent to you. They are not yours at all. You have simply accepted those opinions as your own, attaching them to a separate identity that doesn’t exist. When you feel negative emotion, it is a signal that you are attempting to activate and use as real a separate identity that doesn’t exist.

Let us explain to you how this goes. First, you accept a judgment from ego as your own. You lock yourself into a box with judgment, and then you cry out because you feel imprisoned. We cannot make the box disappear because we don’t have the right. But we can assist you in seeing that the box in unreal. The box disappears, along with your perceived sense of limit and imprisonment, when you can see that the box is unreal.

There is a peaceful landing place. That peaceful landing place is an openness to receiving the thoughts that Spirit would send to you. Having recognized that all of the thoughts ego sends are valueless, you are now able to accept the thoughts that have value. Your true thoughts assist you in the making of an illusion that reflects Truth back to you. It is still an illusion, but one that passes away very easily with perfect timing.

Here is a place to direct your attention when you can feel that it has strayed:
Please take me to the peaceful landing place.

Having recognized that you want no thoughts the ego would send, you are ready to receive the thoughts that peace would send to you.

It is our joy to welcome you to the peaceful landing place as many times as you need that welcome, until you elect to stay in the awareness that you are truly joined with us here forever.

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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