Illusion’s thoughts are replaced

Most of the posts I’ve been sharing lately are messages that I was given weeks ago. I didn’t get the call to share until now. The really interesting thing about that time gap was that it helped me see that on the day I shared the message, it applied perfectly to something I experienced. It felt so strange and funny at the same time. Why would I be surprised that everything is set up to help me remember to direct my attention where it is most helpful? I’ll just give thanks for the help.

There seems to be a vicious biting back in the mind. You may believe that biting back or defending your separate self in some way is useful. You may believe that the world is poised to bite you back in some way. You may believe that it already has, and that you are suffering because of it. You may believe that others have been bitten harshly by the world, and they suffer because of it.

Now stop. Stop it in a freeze frame. This is a diorama you have put together, piece by piece. Why did you include all of these pieces so carefully? When a young child draws a picture of a bloody knife, everyone wonders why. It’s to do you a favor. You’re welcome. It’s to show you what you think you need in your mind.

Every piece of the busy diorama–it hides the stillness of Love. Whenever you find yourself fixated upon a particular piece in tension, believing it is real, you can always go in. Go in to peace, with intention. When you are looking at the world in pieces, you can always go in to peace. In peace, you are all joined. In peace, there are no madmen. All the madmen? They are just ego’s dream, and you only continue to see them if you want to see them. Simply face the madness you have allowed to occupy your own mind instead, and be carried inward beyond it to what has always been Real. The peace of what has always been Real replaces illusion’s thoughts with thoughts of Love.

We will tell you a secret that’s not a secret: You need do nothing to just be. You can safely give up your occupation of maintaining the separate self you think is yours and putting it on display for another separate self to see and either admire or attack. It matters not what the seeming outsiders do to what you think is your separate self. Whether it be good or bad, it seems to make the separate self real in your sight. Believing this self is real–that is the block to happiness. It leaves you outside where all the selves are separate instead of in the Here and Now where all are joined.

You may have schooled yourself never to argue with words or never to strike with your fists. Yet you see another in the world who argues and who fights with ease. Thank this one for showing you your mind. This one can awaken as easily and as quickly as you out of a belief in a need for defense. Then you see together a world in which no defense is needed–a world of ease, abundance, and love. Is this world real? No, not at all. It’s just the world you allow yourself to see before you let it go.

Let’s say you see a follower trailing after a guru, and illusion supplies this thought: It’s dangerous for them. Rest for an instant. It is dangerous for your peace of mind to trail after illusion’s thoughts about anyone or anything. Rest again, in the willingness to release what has never been yours. Thoughts of an illusion cause the experience of an illusion, and these thoughts have never been yours.

We rest with you in the Here and Now. You are always welcome to come back to your Self.

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