Liberate the peaceful thought

Make peace with all. Anywhere there is a ripple, a disturbance covering up the peace that extends endlessly through and from you, it is time to stop and focus and make peace. With your thoughts, you do learn to make peace in the world. You are well versed in the use of thought to make images of conflict and strife. As you allow all thoughts of conflict and strife to melt, thoughts become available to you that make images of peace and safety. You’re either projecting conflict or extending peace. Those are your two settings.

Where there is the experience of pain, here is your great dedication to making war. Whether it be physical or emotional, when you feel pain, take a moment to give thanks that you know exactly where the problem is, and you have the solution to the problem right now. Why do you have the solution to the problem? Because the solution to the problem was given to you long ago, and it always rests right next to the problem until you become willing to use this solution. To accept the solution to all pain means that you are willing to acknowledge pain’s nothingness and to focus upon what is Real.

Allow the thought that exposes your great dedication to war to be exposed and to sit in the sunlight as it melts. There is no need to feel guilty over your great dedication to war. You could only be dedicated to war if you have forgotten true peace, and now that true peace is being revealed to you, you can focus here. Focusing here upon true peace undoes your great dedication to war.

It is important that you focus upon your own great dedication to war–not anyone else’s. What is most true about anyone you call else is that peace is their nature. If you attempt to see anything else within them, you refuse clean-up at home. In other words, if you focus upon great dedication to war in that guy over there, one of ego’s tricks just worked on you. You had an opportunity to uncover a thought that demonstrates your own great dedication to war and to allow that thought to melt in the sun, exposing the peaceful thought that is your real thought. If you find fault over there, though, you decide to keep your own real thought of peace covered up by ego’s thought of strife.

Where something seems to cause great pain, it is one of ego’s thoughts that you believed and called your own causing great pain–an untrue thought your’e holding onto very tightly in an attempt to establish a sense of separate safety and separate control. The peaceful thought beneath ego’s thought brings a reflection of the light into your experience. Liberate the peaceful thought by recognizing your great dedication to war in holding onto ego’s thought. Once you can see what you are holding onto so tightly, it is easy to let go.

We delight in what is most true about you. What is most true about you is most true of all, and this is our shared joy.

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