The Green Phantom

I feel jealousy. I don’t like it. It would be nice if I didn’t feel this way repeatedly. Because I finally realized I’ve been trying to self-manage jealousy, I was able to get a class in it today from nonphysicals.  When I say this, I mean that they explained it to me while I was making hot chocolate and playing with my daughter.

Before I tell you what I learned, I feel inspired to tell you a bit about the nonphysicals. I see and experience them as other than myself because I am still immersed in separation consciousness, but I am willingly traveling toward unity consciousness with their help. I first started hearing voices seven years ago. While I was relieved that they were friendly and amusing and helpful, I was also deeply ashamed and afraid. I was hearing voices. The world around me didn’t seem to look too kindly on people hearing voices. I hid it. In releasing fear of all kinds, I am now more open about the voices I hear.

Help from nonphysicals (we might think of them as angels or ascended masters or loving spirits or beings from more enlightened dimensions) is available at all times. Think of thousands of helpers being available for you at any time, anywhere you are. They are willing to assist you with releasing fear and replacing it with the inspiration (ever-present guiding life force) that is love.

Here’s what I learned in today’s class on jealousy:

Congratulations. You have realized that you’re trying to self-manage jealousy because you are ashamed of it. Because you are ashamed of it, you hide it. Because you hide it, you also hide from our help.

We are your humble servants (as you are learning to serve along with us), and we are always available to you. Think of us in this case as the guys who hook up hoses at the RV camp. You want to empty your waste tank and hook up to a water supply, but you’re too ashamed. You think maybe you can go hand-dig a waste pit yourself and while you’re at it, you can dig a well, too. There’s no need. We are standing here with the hoses, waiting to take jealousy away and supply you with peace and inspiration.

There is nothing at all shameful about realizing your oneness with us. There is nothing at all shameful in realizing that jealousy was only a fearful idea about a self vs. a self, and it was never real. There’s nothing at all shameful about being open to receive the gift of You, the One Self, who we are in unity.

When you feel jealousy, you are hiding from the object of your jealousy because you are afraid. When you feel jealousy, you are attempting to hide yourself because you feel afraid. You use this fear to guide your thoughts, actions and speech because you don’t know better. Now that you do know better in ever-deeper ways, your thoughts, actions and speech will change. As your thoughts, actions and speech change, the world you see reflects that. Your experience of the one (let’s be honest–the many) of whom you believed yourself to be jealous changes.

You are one step closer to experiencing yourself as with others rather than as separate from them. When you are with others in harmony, it is not possible to experience the lack that jealousy implies. When you are with others in harmony, there is true equality, and your thoughts, actions and speech come from the awareness of that.

Building upon the idea that every encounter with every being is a gift exchange, when you are believing in jealous thoughts or when you are believing that jealousy is a problem you have that you must solve, you are holding that concept (only a very flimsy concept) up to block the exchange of gifts.

These gift exchanges happen in physical life as you experience it whenever you are with others or communicating with them. They also happen whenever you think of others. They also happen across all time and space with beings that come to mind and also with beings with whom you are resonant. There are many gifts given and received of which you are not consciously aware.

Why would you cling to a thought of jealousy? Learned helplessness. You believe you are stuck looking as you look, in a situation of lack, in a situation of less accomplishment, in a situation of fewer opportunities, in a situation of ill health. Once you begin to realize how much help is around you at all times and that all things you need fly to you on the wings of inspiration, you willingly drop fear to get in touch with the source of all abundance.

So this green monster was only a green phantom. It was an idea that you believed to be real. You gave it your attention. You believed fervently in your own helplessness. You believed fervently that benefits come through your own, separate, isolated, individual effort. You believed you were cut off from the source of goodness to which others appeared to have direct access.

Now you are in the midst of dropping this reliance on fear in all its many forms. We are available for you at all times, so there is no need to self-manage. Look upon one that you believed to be more gifted than yourself. There is something vital and real you can share with them through communication (recognition that all minds are joined) as they engage with life. When you do this, their struggle in life eases. They don’t appear to be struggling to you, but that’s because you are judging superficially. When you share this simply by relaxing and being willing to heal, then you receive your gift of ease from the one upon whom you have been looking. This is as real as it gets–more real than anything you think you see with eyes.

All we need is your willingness–your awareness of your Oneness with us and with your fellow humans. We will take care of the gift exchange. Enjoy!

Photo by Alexandru-Bogdan Ghita on Unsplash

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