Emotion of the day: Dismay

We want to sit with you and take a slow-motion look at the emotion of dismay. The emotion of dismay is connected to very repetitive thoughts, and as you break it down and look at it, it will trouble you no more. Instead, situations in which you are accustomed to dismay will be situations that point you toward your freedom, that invite you to rest in gratitude.

In this simulation (about a simulation), let’s say that the thought that set off the dismay alarm was, “Oh, no!” It can be very helpful to notice these first thoughts, the thoughts that come before the more specific ones. First the ego convinces you that something is wrong, and then you are identifying as a body that can experience misadventure. Once the ego has you convinced that something is wrong, you are primed for accepting the thoughts that follow. So observe, like a scientist. Catch that first attempt by ego to capture your attention, your loyalty.
Oh, no!
Oh, gee!
Oh, damn!
Oh, my!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, dear!
Oh, crap!

That’s a message from ego to you, like a roller coaster car at the top of a hill, and if you get in, then all the other thoughts follow, and you are deep into misidentification. We ask you to notice these little thoughts and to feel their impact. When you feel startled and hear these thoughts, let it be a reminder to go within immediately for a moment of sanity, to take a moment to find your willingness to dwell in the true will that all share.

Traveling on, a more specific thought comes later. Let’s say it’s this: “That one over there has a problem with hostility.” If there is a problem, according to the ego, there is also someone at fault. The someone at fault has to be viewed as a body, or you cannot see the fault at all. You must be focusing your attention on the appearance of a body in a simulated drama in order to find fault. The moment you hear ego sending you a thought about fault or flaw, we ask you to focus here:
What is more real than the perception of a body in a simulated drama?

If you ask sincerely, you will be shown. And as you ask to be shown over and over, when you hear a thought from ego, it just becomes a reason to go more deeply and lovingly into what you Are, into what all Are and always have been. Hearing a thought from ego is just a reason to focus, just a helpful reminder.

If you identify as a body in a simulated drama, and you believe that guy over there is a body and has a problem with hostility, that’s going to take up a lot of your attention. That’s going to blot out what that guy actually Is, and if you’re blotting out what that guy actually Is, you’re blotting out what you actually Are. There’s only one of us. Seeing hostility over there is a temporary distraction from the belief that you yourself are hostile, you yourself are flawed.

Ego keeps you ensnared in seeing separate selves and believing that the selves are bodies. Many times each day, ego sends you this thought: “I know what that is.” These thoughts of knowing about separate things keep you in the simulated reality where guilt abounds.

Whenever you catch yourself hanging a label around the neck of a body, you can stop and ask to see what is Real about that Being. In asking to see what is Real about that Being, you are asking to see what is Real about all Beings across time and space. You are asking to see what is Real about you.
When seeing what is Real about you and all becomes your top priority, it means that you are releasing your fear of the Light, because Light is what you all Are, behind any disguise with any label.

We invite you to Reality–what is prior to all egoic thought. When you hear an egoic thought, you feel pain or discomfort of some kind. This is a clear and easy signal that you have misidentified as a body, so you are also misidentifying all other beings. What you do to yourself, you do to all. What you do to any of us, you do to yourself. There is only One of us. The One of us is forever held in peace and cannot be harmed.

If you feel dismay, you are fantasizing about harm. If you see harm anywhere, then you know you are experiencing a simulated reality that came at your request. Every time you think you see fault or harm or flaw, it is a clear signal to focus upon what is Real, to find your willingness to be shown.

We are always Here, and we will always assist you. You only have to be willing to look away from your fantasy of opposition and hostility for just a moment, to own that fantasy as yours, and to find your willingness to be released from it.

When you feel dismay, remember that we are the light you are. We are the light all are, and all of you are shining right now. We are happy to show you. Just ask.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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