Move slowly through the day

When you can, move slowly through the day. Feel the feelings. Notice.

As a contracted feeling comes up:

Inhale ❤️️
On the exhale: I am aware of this feeling of _________ related to _________.

Inhale ❤️️
On the exhale: I am willing to feel this feeling of _________.

Inhale ❤️️
On the exhale: I feel my willingness to release fear in all its forms.

I am walking through my day with this process today.


Photo credit: Gabriela Palai

If you are reading the Love’s Beginning book, here is the next post:
Chapter 3 – Getting to the very heart of the dysfunction
When we look at mental disorders or negative experiences, they are reflecting our common dysfunction back to us for the purpose of healing.
3.1 Floating up to the surface

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