darkandlightDepression is a waystation–something one passes through on the way Home, to the true self. As one passes through, one sees all the dysfunction, the underlying sense of abandonment and loss of hope that comes from not knowing one’s true self, not allowing the true self to run the activities of daily life.

When depression is seen as a disaster or a dysfunction, rather than a symptom of collective dysfunction and a sign that an individual is ready for deep healing, those of us around the depressed person can encourage them with love. We can also feel deep fear, anger or a sense of harsh determination about their condition and do all we can to pull them back to what we call “normal.”

If we can see depression as a brave moving through that gives observers their own chances for healing, we can allow inspiration to guide us to the actions and speech that are truly helpful to the one who is facing the darkness.

On our way Home, there is a point at which we look at the darkness that we thought was our separate self, and we decide we don’t want it anymore. We realize that there was a point in our existence when we consciously chose fear as an operating system, but now it is time, and it is safe, to go Home again.  The depressed person may be experiencing this opportunity to decide to return Home (to true awareness of Self) before you do in time. In understanding their journey, when it is time for you to take your own journey, it will be easier and gentler.

When we look at the suffering one, recognize our own internal suffering and resistance being mirrored back to us, and become very willing to heal all imbalances within our perceived selves, we gift the one who is singled out as being depressed with the spaciousness in which healing can occur. This is true goodwill–acknowledging and accepting our own opportunities to heal so those around us are able to heal.


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