You are so hot

More fascinating lessons…

I find the experience of being in public very intense. As I recognize my mind’s link with others, I also resist it. I come home from each experience “out there” ready to face the next layer of fear that came up. I just learned something so interesting and helpful about people we see as visually more attractive or less attractive.

First of all, we can attempt to deny that attractiveness is something we notice and label, that someone’s outer appearance can draw us or repel us. Fear is always waiting there to be released, though.

Lately I have found myself frustrated because the more I know I can see that beautiful gem within each person (and I am barely even skimming the surface in my learning here), the more I feel the outer appearance is a distraction and a disturbance, no matter what it looks like.

I only feel this way because I haven’t surrendered judgment.

So let’s say I’m out there in a store. What my true Self knows is that I am inextricably linked with every being I see. My false self kicks up a bit at people I find at the attractive end of the spectrum. I feel disturbed by them because they either represent some reward or ease that appears to be off limits to me or because I feel drawn to them, and that seems unfair or imbalanced.

Basically, any way I fight that mind linkage that is the true Self–it disturbs me. It doesn’t matter if it’s attraction or repulsion–all of it is static that blocks inspiration, true communication from one mind to another, ease. So if I place judgment in my hands, it hurts.

There’s a kind of attraction and repulsion that comes from personal judgment, the false self, and that kind is very disturbing, once we get quiet enough to feel the disturbance. Then there’s a kind of attraction and repulsion that is neutral and very peaceful. It just tells us when to turn left and when to turn right. It’s GPS. It’s inspiration. It’s very loving and not at all disturbing.

In order to use this GPS, I need to locate fear and be willing to release it. Over and over and over again until I’m done.

Byron Katie says that this process is like learning not to touch a hot stove. She’s right. It’s that simple. Whenever I feel I have learned something new, I always end up laughing.


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