Feeling the impact of thoughts

First we asked you to feel your emotions. We asked you not to hide from them and attempt to locate them somewhere else through blame and judgment. We asked you to label and identify your emotions.

This process took thought, and now you are ready for something simpler. Now you can see that emotions are the result of thoughts believed. If you believe a loving thought, it’s no problem. If you believe a stressful thought, that’s when you believe you have a problem.

Now, in this feeling-your-feelings process, try something a bit different.

I notice this thought: ____________________________

I am willing to feel the impact of believing [thought].

I feel my willingness to release fear in all its forms.

If you are willing to release fear in all its forms, you will find the false self of fear dissipating, dissolving, and the true self of Love taking over.


If you are reading the Love’s Beginning book, here is the next post:
5.4 Channeling

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