Falling in love: a response to murder

This is response to Bubbles and Rants’ lovely comment on Practical reasons not to commit murder.

Whenever we are contracted down into judgment over wrongdoing, blame, we are missing the gift of the inspiration that would flow through us. That doesn’t mean that we need to deny any feelings about the things that happen in our world. It is nice to know, though, that there is a constant source of soothing and love when you are open to inspiration, and that never has to come from what you perceive as someone else. It always springs up from within you.

Think about falling in love. The wonderful feelings you experience are because you allow yourself to see our Oneness in one you would call other. If the love appears to be reciprocated, it’s because you have allowed a connection, a communion, with one you perceive to be other in this space-time experience. If you associate this ability you have all the time with everything (even every molecule) with a particular person, you might feel devastated when they appear to leave the body you call yours.

From love and allowing, let’s jump over into murder. Why not? It’ll be a fun ride.

Again, if you have feelings around this, no reason to deny them. Let them come up. Let yourself be bewildered. Hang onto anything you like and let the rest go.

Okay, so you are so in love with yourself. You are always in love with yourself. Whatever feeling state you are allowing within your space-time experience, you can never undo the Oneness that you are. This means you can’t die. If you try to kill a body, you may succeed and have the experience of that body being gone from the space-time experience.

You still can’t kill us, though. You still can’t kill you. Every suicide is unsuccessful and is followed by a respawn within this game of fear-based experience. The Oneness that we are is eternal and its peace can never be disturbed.

In making this world of separate identity, however, you have created a space in which you believe you, as a separate entity, can be disturbed. You also believe that you truly can disturb or harm someone else. You have created this as an experience. Think VR goggles. If you die in a VR game, what you perceive yourself to be is still very much alive.

The actors who commit murder within your life story as it unfolds–they don’t understand the game yet. They don’t understand the experiment we conducted. We can allow our compassion to flow to them. Remember, they are only you in another incarnation.

On another level, however, they are wise beings (think of a game player with the goggles on–not the player in the game) because their actions give you (your player) an opportunity to release what doesn’t work (fear–the invented experience) and to allow what does work (love–the only thing that’s real) in. If another player’s actions in the game stir you up, cause a reaction, that is for you. It causes you to dig down deep into what you perceive to be yourself. If your heart breaks open, that means the light and understanding can flow in.

You may not need the other actor’s actions to crack your heart wide open if you learn to live with your heart wide open at all times. Once you stop needing these kind calls to awaken, the world you perceive shifts.

Instead of shattering experiences coming to you and others to help them awaken, you and other beings transition into harmonious creation. As you do this, it radiates out from you and shows up in and through others in your experience. It is effortless to connect with them lovingly when you meet them or think of them because you know who they are now.

Photo by Thomas Lambert on Unsplash

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