Walk as an explorer through your life

Just in case you thought you were here to get things done, we want to remind you that you are on an adventure. We invite you to walk as an explorer through your life. Do it with curiosity. More and more, invite yourself to do it with fearlessness.

Step into the adventure. Step forward. What will Love bring to you today?

There is no need to fear negative or challenging situations. They are perfectly timed to allow you to feel what you have hidden away as part of your false self. When you allow yourself to step through each situation in awareness, you realize that every situation, every scene in your life is there for your benefit. It is always there for the benefit of everyone involved. You are always safe within each experience.

If the experience brings up negativity and contraction, it helps to shake you awake. Once you have awakened, you use every situation to deepen that awakening until there is nothing left to release. Every time you release, you allow more ease and flow into your experience. After a while, you don’t even judge experiences as good or bad anymore. Like an intrepid explorer, you simply move through each one, marveling, going deeper, releasing, allowing and benefiting.

As you learn to do that which is to your own true benefit, you naturally serve others. Remember that you are always serving others, even if you are struggling. Don’t worry about others seeing your struggle. You have nothing to hide, and everything to gain from being transparent with one another. You are always mirrors for one another, and recognizing others as your mirror always leads to release for you.

We would like you to remember that you always have a nonphysical team surrounding you, and the same goes for everyone else. When you remember, through every situation, that you are willing to feel, you are allowing us to assist you energetically as you walk through your day. As you maintain the spirit of adventure today, remember this whenever you feel tension or confusion: I am willing to feel.

Photo by quentin on Unsplash

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