You are the transformation

You’re on a trajectory. You’re appearing within a storyline. We encourage you to see your name on a poster as one of the actors in this Earth drama you’re enacting together. Okay, it’s a very big poster. Look at all the names! There are no extras in this performance. All are equally important, and all play pivotal roles.

Okay, now look at the powerful, beautiful, beings of light behind each one of your Earth characters. It couldn’t ever be any other way. Each being behind each character is very loving.

We thought it would reassure you and relax you to know that you can’t get it wrong. Getting it wrong is impossible. Not scientifically possible. Your scientists will speak to you of this one day. They are taking…how would you say it…a longcut. They are taking a longcut as opposed to a shortcut, but there is much love, fascination, appreciation, beauty, the spirit of exploration along the way. Appreciate their journey–what they are bringing to people and what they will bring to people.

Now do this same thing for everyone else, without exception. Don’t forget you. Now do this for you. Look at your journey in a timeline. Appreciate, love, and realize that it’s impossible for you to get it wrong.

The only thing that could keep you from the awareness of this is judgment. Just behind that judgment is always the peace that passeth all understanding, the beautiful being of light you are.

We’re asking you to allow a purge today. Allow a purge of the entire collective history of wrongdoing. Go big or go home, right? When you go big, when you purge it all, you are Home. You remember that you have always been Home, and so has everyone else.

Whenever you are looking out there at a particular wrongdoing, and wrongdoing is always something that can only exist conceptually in a past, you are hiding from a perception of personal wrongdoing that is still active. So then go to the sense of personal wrongdoing and notice that is a judgment about a past.

Who are all of you, right now? What potential exists, right now? What can come through all of you, right now, when your perception is clear? All ideas of wrongdoing cloud perception.

We’re not talking about the Earth-based ways of doing things. You’ve come to Earth to leave all of those behind. Boldly. Bravely. You’ve come here to fall into the Love you are and to allow it to act through you.

We would like you to notice that you are developing a knack. A knack is for something. It’s a knack for this or a knack for that. Well this is knack is for the collective, and for yourself, always. It’s a knack for sinking into the peace you are in any situation, or, better yet, abiding here at all times, and drawing it forth into any situation in which you appear.

Right here, the fear is coming up. What situation are you going to throw me into, you ask, and expect that I’m going to find a way to make peace come pooping out of it? You can already see and feel that it’s a very human-perception-based question. So let it come up. Let the perception clear.

You are writing the script, silly. You always have been. You’re all writing it, collectively, always.

You’re all always almost constantly seeking transformation. You are the transformation. And the way. And the light. And the peace. And the truth. All of it. Without exception.

So as you develop this knack, it’s just a way of acknowledging, no matter where you are, no matter who you are with, no matter what is happening–peace begins with me. Because I am everywhere, and in everything, and I am the transformation.

Do you see now, when you spend clock time worrying about this or that because it needs to and should transform? You are the transformation. You are creating the experiences. You are everything in experience bringing you into full awareness of who you are, collectively.

So what is left to do? One of your meditations centers around the thought, “I need do nothing.” So what do you do? The doing happens anyway, you’ll notice. What do you want the foundation of the doing to be? Belief in a fiction or remembrance of your Self?

When you remember your Self, you allow the doing to come through you.

Photo by Alysa Bajenaru on Unsplash

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